Architecture & Design  02.03.2017


PIXEL Salone Milano

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile was founded in 1961 to promote Italian furniture manufacturing and exports. It soon became one of the most keenly anticipated events in the design industry calendar. This year Bene will be there too, to present the newest member of the Bene product family, PIXEL.

PIXEL might look like a box, but it can also be a table, a bench, or a stand, and so much more. It can even all of these at the same time. Come and visit us at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and get to know PIXEL.

Personalities  07.02.2017

„You have to catch the ideas as they arrive“: an interview with PearsonLloyd.


When designing NOOXS, the London design firm PearsonLloyd was inspired by working methods that are common in architecture. We talked to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about their inspiration, how to delegate work and their favourite song to brainstorm to.

Architecture & Design  23.01.2017

Three questions to Anders Cleeman, Muuto

Fiber Chair, Muuto

Welcome Muuto! We are delighted to be able to welcome a new partner brand: chairs, sofas, luminaires and much more from Muuto will be available in selected Bene showrooms in the near future. We have used this fantastic new partnership as an opportunity to put three questions to Muuto's CEO Anders Cleeman.

About Muuto

The name Muuto says it all – "muutos" means “new perspectives” in Finnish. Muuto Design develops its Scandinavian heritage fully in line with this concept, based on plenty of passion and bold creative approaches. High standards in terms of aesthetics and functionality, as well as a love of craftsmanship form part of its philosophy, as does trying out new materials and techniques. This philosophy of new perspectives is brought to life in collaboration with unique and modern designers.

Bene News  20.01.2017

Working Tomorrow – Experience the future

Innovation is not a trend, but a critical component if you want to really set yourself apart. As a business within a highly competitive market. As a group within our society. And as an individual, at home and in the workplace.

Bene and Interface are proud to announce their new partner ship with the permanent innovation platform LIVING TOMORROW. What will the future be like? Discover the answer at our inauguration event!


The art of archery. An interview with EOOS.

EOOS by Elfie Semotan

Martin Bergmann, Gernot Bohmann and Harald Gründl have been working together as a design collective since 1995. For Bene they answer questions about their FILO design and they explain how the art of archery has inspired innovative furniture design.

The ‘antlers’ of die-cast aluminium whose branches extend into bars on the underside of the continuous tabletop; this allows for a minimalist supporting structure, very large spans, and maximum legroom.

The armrest of the chair works like a drawn bow. It is elastic where it is the thinnest, and this opens the angle between seat and backrest. There is no mechanism to enable this movement, the armrest itself is the mechanism.

Mike Keilhauer talked about a chair for concentration and what that could mean. We then started looking around for concentration rituals and found them in archery. We invited a Japanese master bowman who demonstrated the art of Kyudo to us on the flat roof of our studio. The breathing, the concentration technique, and the unity of human and object really fascinated us. In the moment of the shot, the idea for this chair was clear to us.


Bene @ Living Tomorrow: Creating the future of work together

Bene Living Tomorrow

Living Tomorrow is an impressive project, offering people a glimpse into the future of life, health, technology and economy. Thanks to a new cooperation with Bene, Living Tomorrow now also presents the future world of work.

The concept of "Living Tomorrow" is unique in the world. Located in Brussels, Living Tomorrow provides a hub for innovative enterprises where visitors can experience products and services that could vastly improve the quality of our future life, home and workplace. Thanks to a new cooperation with Bene, Living Tomorrow now also presents the future world of work. According to the philosophy of Bene, the office is a living space, with different zones and areas to support various activities like collaboration and communication; but also focused work or ideation processes. Bene offered its expertise in the field to create a working environment that is a perfect fit for the project team of Living Tomorrow. The office features modern solutions for concentrated work as well as space for meetings, teamwork and retreat.


Fun instead of boredom: The Bene 2017 New Year card

New Year greeting Bene

The Bene New Year card is something quite special and new every year. Read the story behind this season’s card in our magazine.


“More heads mean more ideas.”

AllesWirdGut Architekturbüro

Architecture office AllesWird- Gut (in English, all will be well) has been undertaking visionary and creative work since 1997, without losing sight of the necessary pragmatism. The projects developed for Vienna and Munich range from housing and office buildings to the magdas HOTEL, a Caritas social business project. We talked to Herwig Spiegl, who cofounded AllesWirdGut, about visions, work processes and redesigning the skies.

When does Alles Wird Gut (in English, all will be well) find a project to be visionary?
Herwig Spiegl
: We find a project visionary when it is possible to stand one’s ground against the argument of “it has always been like that”.

Many of your buildings are built for companies. Does an innovative space promote success?
HS: An innovative space does encourage you to think about things in a different way. It stimulates the senses and the imagination, creating a good basis for success.


Inspiration is three-dimensional: Welcome to the future.

Office of the Future, Dubai

It took only 17 days to build the Office of the Future. In this period, no concrete needed to be mixed, and not a single wood chip fell to the ground. The building was printed with a 6 meter high and 46 meter long 3-D printer. Fully functioning and equipped with electricity, water, telecommunications and air conditioning, it is the first office in the world to be built in this manner.


Asia Architecture Awards @ Bene

2A Magazine is the Middle East regional source for information regarding architecture, design, and art. ‘2A’ intends to establish a polyphonic relationship with the professional, international audience and should therefore focus on structures that make this relationship possible within its most comprehensive form. As part of its expanding activities 2A is now organizing the 2A Asia Architecture Award (2AAA).This event takes place annually to highlight and celebrate regional and Asian achievements in architecture.
The award is a critical effort to recognize and acknowledge architects who have engaged in creating and designing buildings and cities in Asia originating from their specific cultural and geographical localities and possess specific quality and characteristics attributable to their local origins.