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Co-Creating Tomorrow @ Bene Showroom Cologne

Co-Creating Tomorrow: cooperation and creative collaboration enable innovation and encourage your company to grow and develop.
Join us to find out how teamwork can make your company more successful and what part office design plays in this process at the

Bene Showroom Cologne, on 21st of October 2014

»Co-Creating Tomorrow«, Bene Cologne, Habsburgerring 2, 50674 Cologne*

Personalities  30.09.2014

Ulli Ehrlich, Sportalm, Kitzbühel

Work and lifestyle on the cutting edge. In discussions with contemporary figures we review the assertions, clichés and ideals which circulate around work environments. This time we had a conversation with Ulli Ehrlich. The Head of Design and Managing Director of the Sportalm family business resides in Kitzbühel. She spoke with Marlon Schuhfleck about sources of inspiration, daily challenges and the exciting effect of the colour white.

Since the 1990s, Ulli Ehrlich has given the Sportalm collections their distinctive character. The broad spectrum of their creations ranges from sports clothing to stylish wardrobe staples and playful traditional fashion. She always knows how to bring the regional roots of the family business into an international, modern context. And success has been on her side: By now, Sportalm is one of the most successful companies in the Austrian fashion world.

Traditional, functional, regional, and yet always modern, stylish and international - Sportalms' range bends boundaries.  Ms Ehrlich, how did this very unique company positioning come about?
Traditional dress has always been part of Sportalm's portfolio. When we bought Franz Kneissl, the product range was complemented with ski fashion and then about 10 years ago we took the plunge into fashion. We believe that our alpine lifestyle can be successful anywhere, not just in the mountains. In the meantime, this has developed into a very fashionable clothing collection which we can sell worldwide.

What is a typical day like for a creative designer at Sportalm?  Or is there no such thing as daily routine in your work?
Of course, there is  a daily routine of office work and meetings, but every day is definitely exciting, because we always work on a collection, prepare a trade show or photo shoot. There is always something new to do.

Trends  25.09.2014

Cooperation 2.0: Co-Creating Tomorrow

"None of us is as smart as all of us", said the American entrepreneur and management teacher Kenneth Blanchard. Cooperation is the buzz word of the moment - we know more together and achieve more as a team. The best ideas do not come from working alone - complex tasks and interdisciplinary projects require team work. What is required for good team work? How are ideas transformed into innovation and launched to the market? And what is the contribution of rooms in this context? 

Social? What's that again?

An MIT study found that employees learn about 70% of everything they know about the job from their colleagues. It is easier to learn important skills and small tricks which are re-quired for the job whilst working with each other than when working by oneself behind a desk.

The importance of social cooperation working within a company works goes beyond the in-dividual. Team work is at its best when the exchange and communication between individu-al project participants runs "smoothly".

Yet, isn't it mainly the social aspect of work that has been left behind in our time of digitisa-tion? Information is passed on by email, entire projects are coordinated online and you learn about your colleagues' birthday on the Intranet.

Playlist  24.09.2014

Office.Playlist #52 by Count Basic

After 20 successful years, Count Basic are now releasing their fifth album „Sweet Spot“. On this occassion, Count Basic’s master mind Peter Legat has created a very special Office.Playlist.

Author: Angelika Molk

Trends  17.09.2014

Work in Progress: The Project Manager

Some say it was the wrath of God, others state it was arrogance.

True, the reasons for the failure of the mythical Tower of Babel may be disputed. However, despite this dispute, we would like to use this example to present to you the job of a project manager as part of our info series Bene Office "Work in Progress" in which we look at specific occupations. A profession which has become so sought after in our modern professional world.

Project managers are by now in demand in pretty much all sectors. Desperately in demand, one may want to add. Project management is modern and popular. It is the absolute economic magic word and makes a kind of promise. But stop! One thing after the other. Let's have a look at what a project manager normally deals with: A project.  And we shall use a mythical story to explain this concept.


Co-Creating Tomorrow

Co-Creating Tomorrow: cooperation and creative collaboration enable innovation and encourage your company to grow and develop. In a Bene Expert Talk, international consultants, designers and entrepreneurs will discuss how teamwork can make your company successful and the part that office design plays in this process.


Give me a break!

In music, a break is the moment between two sounds. It gains its importance from what came before and after. In rhetoric it can increase the tension; it can be a full stop, a dash, or a question mark. Pupils in school feverishly await the break, and it’s often the same in the office. What else can a break do?

Taceo, Tacis, Tacet

A musician appears on stage, bows, and sits down at the piano. He opens the music. And then ... he does nothing. In John Cage’s work 4’ 33”, the only instruc-tions to the musicians are not to play a single note for three movements. Although no music is heard, it is not quiet in the concert hall – you hear people in the audi-ence clearing their throats as they become uneasy. Chairs move, the air condi-tioning hums, muffled sounds from the street come into the hall. 4’ 33” is Cage’s invitation to listen into the silence, to recognise that it does not exist at all: silence is full of random sounds that we cannot turn off.


Work in Progress: The Intern

It seems in general that the traditional three career stages of education, work and retirement have been expanded since the turn of the millennium with a separate stage of ‘internship’. The phenomenon of the internship has since changed from a planned transitional aid and an interim stage to a genuine (career) stage. This stage can also last for significantly longer periods of time than some interns may prefer. The result: traditional milestones in life planning such as your own home, starting a family and having children are postponed more and more on account of the lack of financial security. Sometimes all that remains is the chronic frustration of moving from one temporary solution to the next without finding your permanent place. 

This basic scenario has now made its way into everyday vocabulary as a familiar phrase with the so-called “internship generation”, suggesting that the phenomenon does not involve special individual cases but is becoming a real trend in the labour market. It is a trend that is arousing loud voices in the media who are calling for statutory regulation.

Basically a good idea

It is of course hard to find anything wrong with the idea of an internship. This practice, which goes back to the 17th century, is basically aimed at enabling individuals to gain in-depth knowledge and skills at an early stage. As such the internship is ideally a temporary link or a supplement to education, with the focus on gaining practical work experience. In this regard the internship acts as a useful aid for getting started and finding your way in the (often confusing) expanse of the working environment.


Bene Heat Management

At the office, while the sun is shining? In a meeting, when you could have ice cream instead? For many of us, working during the summer months is more of an unfortunate duty than it is fun. But don’t be afraid, we have the solution: The Bene Heat Management helps you through this difficult time with a perfect recipe for every temperature. Enjoy!


Office.Playlist #51 by Bene – Summer

Summer, Sun, and Idleness: summer is the best time for relaxation. This is why office work is especially hard to do in the warm months of the year. But wait: Music to the rescue!