Playlist  18.04.2014

Office.Playlist #48 by nanimarquina

Rugs are not just simple decorative items for nanimarquina. It is more about the stories that are woven into their knots, colours and forms – stories about other lands and cultures, stories that convey real emotions.

Playlist  28.03.2014

Office.Playlist #47 by Liechtenecker

Liechtenecker is a young agency with lots of passion for everything digital. Its creative and professional team located in Vienna provides support for people who are looking for the right digital strategy. A table football match helps employees clear their mind when they need a break. If the table is occupied, they can turn to the power of music: This Office.Playlist includes some of the agency’s favourite tracks.

Playlist  29.01.2014

Office.Playlist #46 by Runtastic

The Runtastic Workout Mix was originally made to motivate runners, swimmers and wrestlers but without further ado we transformed it into an Office.Playlist. In the long run, desk surfers are top-performing athletes as well, aren’t they?

Playlist  11.12.2013

Office.Playlist #45 by LENTOS

The exhibition Glam! is a production of Tate Liverpool and is presented in collaboration with the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt and the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz. The show is devoted to the phenomenon of Glam, which originated in Great Britain in the early 70s, importing opulence, glamour and extravagance as forms of expression to the most diverse genres of art.

For us, the LENTOS Kunstmuseum Linz chose 18 tracks, all expressing that certain “Glam!” attitude towards life.

Tags: Music, Culture, Art

Playlist  14.11.2013

Office.Playlist #44 by bixl

November tends to be a grey month, and the sun rarely makes an appearance. But to bring some light into the pre-winter darkness, we can brighten our cloudy atmosphere with this Office.Playlist, which focuses on the theme of illumination in all its manifestations. Relax with us for a few minutes on the sun deck, and your heart will warm up quickly enough.



Office.Playlist #43 by netzkern

netzkern is an internet agency all about interactive communication. Their portfolio includes software development, Corporate Design and Web 2.0. Their aim is to create solutions that do not only work well, but look good too: invisible technology, visible creativity. Creative thinking is therefore a part of netzkern’s daily agenda. For us, the agency created an Office.Playlist, that is as diverse and chipper as the team.


Office.Playlist #42 by steirischer herbst

“Alliances, misalliances and false friends: Liaisons dangereuses”, the leitmotif of this year’s steirischer herbst looks at the nature of dangerous relationship cocktails, of connections which, for all their fragility, are passionate, explosive and always powerful. This year’s music programme features a number of quite exciting liaisons as well: minimalistic, clear sounds from Berlin based musician Barbara Morgenstern go hand in hand with folky-indie pop miniatures while fragile blues from Finland meets loud and glitzy beats. Take a listen, sing, and dance!


Office.Playlist #41 by mart

Summer and idleness go together especially well - the warm weather invites everyone to relax, hang out with friends and unwind. The ESSL Museum in Klosterneuburg has dedicated an entire exhibition to the nicest months of the year:“Summer paintings” shows the colours, moods and emotional states of the summer in works by modern artists.

The young Viennese producer mart was inspired by these images and created a playlist specifically for visitors to the exhibition, in which warm hues, dreamy melodies and dynamic rhythms express the summer mood in sounds. The right soundtrack for sophisticated leisure, in other words. Enjoy!


Office.Playlist #40 Status

All that glitters is not gold – but still, diamonds have something to them, don’t they? Since our current trendletter is dealing with “status”, we have compiled an Office.Playlist with so called status symbols in the leading role. You’ll hear songs about rich girls, diamond dogs and all that gold – is it really all about the money then? Well, maybe at first sight – but at least “The Kills” demonstrate how much fun being cheap (and cheerful) can be.


Office.Playlist #39 by MARCH GUT

MARCH GUT – Industrial Design OG is a design studio in Linz/Upper Austria. The two designers Marek Gut and Christoph March have been trading under this name since 2010.
MARCH GUT’s creative output ranges from furnishing the ignis wine depot and office to an innovative chest of drawers called the Commander, and from the “GehStell”, the individualist’s mobile storage space, to the Lamella lights for Molto Luce.
Here’s a little sample of the sounds emanating from this Linz playground…