Podcast  10.07.2012

New Working Environments: Are there gender roles in the office?

New Working Environments: Are there gender roles in the office?

It seems as though the values, qualities and perspectives that are typically attributed to female roles have made impressive inroads into the office, expanding it with crucial areas and functionalities. We’ll see where this journey ends, whether the hypotheses are confirmed and gender behaviour patterns become relativised. After all, we don’t want to attribute technical competence to male colleagues and multitasking ability to female colleagues until the end of time. Do we?

Podcast  08.06.2012

New Working Environments: Working in the Cloud

New Working Environments: Arbeiten in der \'Cloud\'

The 9-to-5 desk in the office is on its way out, and the workplace is going virtual. Nevertheless, theoreticians insist on the necessity of face-to-face communication, wherever it may take place. In the future, it will become increasingly important to understand options for mobility, Cloudworking and 24-hour availability, and to deal with all of this sensibly and draw reasonable boundaries. 

Podcast  20.03.2012

New Working Environments: This desk is hot!

New Working Environments: This desk is hot!

This time, hear why the equation "one person = one desk" doesn’t hold true any more, and what’s really behind the non-territorial office.
It’s based on the surprisingly simple epiphany that a workplace doesn’t necessarily have to be a desk that you occupy from nine to five. In many companies, these traditional workstations are often empty. The reasons may vary – from mobile jobs outside of the office, meetings, to holidays or sick leave. The non-territorial office focused and continues to focus on using office space economically.

Podcast  08.03.2012

New Working Environments: Coming Soon

Foto: Saimen/photocase.com

Welcome to our new Office.Podcast series: We invite you to join us on a very special journey. Namely into the future of the office, the New Working Environments.

What’s coming next? Where are our accelerated working environments headed? What comes after the non-territorial office, after open space, desk sharing and the home office? Where will the job nomads and knowledge workers of the future work? What will companies have to think up to win the war for talent? There are no clear answers on the table for these questions. Instead, we must tentatively approach the topic and try to find tracks to follow.


Orgatec 2010 Interviews

Orgatec 2010 Interviews

The design of our trade fair booth at ORGATEC 2010 demonstrated that office landscapes today are as diverse, inspiring and varied as urban landscapes. We viewed the office as a living space, divided into different zones and areas as individual as its users’ forms of work.
We asked clients, partners and collegues about their opinion on this fair.


Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin

Bene Office.Podcast - Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin

Berlin’s central train station, built by the architects at GMP Gerkan Marg and Partners, is the largest and most modern connecting station in Europe. Deutsche Bahn AG, one of the world’s leading transport and logistics providers, constructed a new office building in the complex’s two soaring arches that rise above the aboveground tracks of Berlin’s city trains.


Bene, Neutorgasse 4-8, 1010 Vienna

Office.Podcast: Bene Wien

The new residential and commercial building from Viennese architecture firm RATAPLAN is located between the stock exchange, the Ringturm and the Maria am Gestade Church. The yellow façade is clearly visible from a distance. "The building is innovative in every way", says Thomas Bene. "I am extremely pleased that we were able to move our Vienna Showroom into such a space. The building's progressive architecture fits our corporate philosophy perfectly."


New Work Spaces. Trendreport on office and working environments.

Trendreport: New Work Spaces

In our report New Work Spaces, you will find summaries of the trends we consider relevant for the workplace of the 21st century. For all of those who work in offices and are interested in office design, our subject is a very hot topic: if work itself is changing, then the workplace and the SPACES FOR WORK, as the actual instruments of work, will also change. The right spatial concepts and solutions can only be discovered if one also knows which trends are redefining the rules of the game.