The Portman Estate

Address: 40 Portman Square, W1H 6LT London, Great Britain

Sector: Property

Year: 2011

Architect: Designer KKS Strategy


The Portman Estate includes a cosmopolitan and vibrant blend of shops, restaurants, wine-bars, hotels and garden squares - a perfect mix of leisure opportunities for visitors, residents and the working community in the heart of London's West End.


Portman Estate commissioned KKS Strategy to design a contemporary open plan office that encouraged team work and communication but at the same time keeping the front of house areas (reception, meeting rooms, etc) elegant and functional—in accordance with their long British heritage.

Furnished zones and areas

Bene furnished cellular offices, open plan areas and communication zones with a variety of tailored furniture elements. T5 workstations were specified with ancillary items including screens, storage and mobile tables. Workstations are grouped into teams and include managerial areas and local storage. IT integration and flexibility were particularly important to the workstation design. Two main open plan collaborative areas and a generous canteen provide hubs for communication away from the workstation. Bene Parcs pieces were specified in conjunction with bespoke joinery and storage elements with fabrics and finished from standard ranges.

An effective and enjoyable collaboration with Bene resulting in the right solution, a very happy client and a very happy designer. Loved the sketches, a job well done!

Rob Sutton, Design Director, KKS Strategy