Bene on course for further growth

After a challenging period, in which Bene underwent a change of ownership, withdrawal from the stock exchange, a major programme of measures to reduce costs and increase profitability, and a comprehensive renegotiation of financing, the company returned has been definitively back in the to the profit zone since the end of 2016. This highly positive result confirming confirms that Bene is once more on course for success.

By the end of 2016 an equity ratio of around 33.2% had already been achieved, signalling that the company’s finance and capital structuring were clearly in good health. This trend continued consistently in the first nine months of 2017, and with the equity ratio now at 36.4%, the target for 2018 is a robust 40%. It is clear that Bene has returned to sustainable profitability, with significant financial strength as recognised by international standards, and a solid foundation in place for positive business growth in the future. 

Hand in hand with this financial recovery, Bene has sharpened its core business skills, regained its strong market position and built up customer trust.

So today, more than ever,

• Bene enjoys a reputation for successful symbiosis of office furnishing, space and architecture, as well as design, high quality, and innovation.

• Bene is able to handle projects of any magnitude, with showrooms from Vienna, Berlin, London and Paris to Dubai and Sydney, and an international network of first class trading partners.

• Bene’s comprehensive product portfolio offers furnishings to suit all aspects of modern working environments.

• Bene combines over 225 years of traditional high quality manufacturing with innovation and award-winning design.

• Bene is an innovation driver, researching trends in the workplace and pioneering new ideas in a constant search for improvement.

Building on this strong foundation, in recent months Bene has developed numerous innovative products and completed major international projects in Europe, the Middle East, Far East and Africa. Consistent focus on design and innovation has strengthened Bene’s already strong reputation for forward thinking in this sector. Almost 140 design awards in recent years – most recently the German Design Award 2018 and the iF Design Award in Gold – highlight the company’s skills in design and innovation. As a first mover in the industry, Bene is dedicated to keeping ahead of the latest trends and developments. The “Future of Work Report 2018” published by Bene provides a comprehensive study of the relevant trends and developments that will influence working environments of the future.

Bene is clearly well equipped for the future and will build on the strong performance of 2017 to make a successful and optimistic start to 2018.