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Bene Idea Lab in Vienna: Successful for more than two years and counting

Taking stock after slightly more than two years of Bene IDEA LAB, Bene Group draws a positive conclusion about this venture in its Vienna flagship store. Bene IDEA LAB is a creative space for developing innovative ideas for companies of all sizes. So far, it has hosted over 150 events with over 5,000 visitors; this is a great achievement for the Bene Group.

The IDEA LAB opened at the Bene flagship store in Vienna slightly over two years ago, at the same time that PIXEL was launched. Located in the heart of the first district of Vienna with around 150m2 of space, this workshop of ideas supports innovative brainstorming and ideation processes, giving the innovative PIXEL modules a perfect home for their vast range of applications. Over two floors, the IDEA LAB offers enough room for numerous smaller groups to engage simultaneously in a multitude of ways. The product line PIXEL allows for the creation of all conceivable set-ups, facilitating a varied mix of events and activities. This way, different space concepts are created that foster communication, dialogue, and exchange and support methods in project and product management such as design thinking, sprints, and scrum.

All results from the analogue small group activities can be gathered and processed on the IDEA WALL. This digital media wall is four metres wide and interactive. This allows numerous people to work together simultaneously on digital content on a large projection screen that is visible to everyone. Consultancies running workshops as part of their day-to-day business, domestic and international industrial companies as well as start-ups love the successful mix of analogue and digital tools that the Bene IDEA LAB offers them.

In the past two years, more than 5,000 guests at over 150 events have got to know and appreciate the Bene IDEA LAB and its design as perfect environment for creative teamwork. But the IDEA LAB not only sets the perfect frame for workshops, it has also been the location of numerous talks, team meetings, business breakfasts, crisis meetings, panel meetings, photo and film shoots, pop-up shops, and press conferences.

“You cannot prescribe spontaneity or innovation. They need sufficient time and the right space to emerge and grow. With the Bene IDEA LAB, we provide companies of all sizes with a modern and innovative creative space that comes with an unusual, inspiring flair where they can develop ideas and try out new approaches”, as Michael Fried, Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Bene is pleased to comment on the great success of the IDEA LAB in Vienna.

Bene has so far built IDEA LABs at all of its locations in Austria and Germany as well as in London. In Vienna and Munich, and from 2020 onwards also in Cologne, Frankfurt, and Berlin, the IDEA LABs are also accessible to external companies for their brainstorming and ideation processes.

The Bene IDEA LAB in Vienna

Opening hours: Mo-Fr, 08:00-18:00
For bookings, please visit:
Facebook: @beneidealab
Telephone: +43 676 8151 1216
Address: IDEA LAB Vienna, Neutorgasse 4-8, 1010 Vienna



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