Corporate Issues 21.11.2014

Bene London celebrates 5 years PARCS by PearsonLloyd CO-CREATING TOMORROW

The best ideas don’t come about from working alone – complex tasks and interdisciplinary projects require teamwork. But what does good teamwork require? How can ideas be turned into innovation? And what contribution can be made by office spaces? Bene presented its latest workplace concepts and new products for Teamwork 2.0 at B1, Victoria House in Central London. Designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd of London studio PearsonLloyd, gave an exciting keynote presentation to open proceedings. A fun packed party was organised to celebrate the 5th anniversary of PARCS, Bene’s successful range of furniture by PearsonLloyd– as well as the fruitful cooperation of this successful designstudio with Bene, together changing the office world.

Creating tomorrow together today: co-operation and creative collaboration enable innovation and encourage companies to grow and develop. After all, innovation is not the result of solitary effort. Bene invited guests to a keynote presentation by the PearsonLloyd exploring the evolution of the ranges and the topic of “Co-Creating Tomorrow”. PearsonLloyd gave compelling insights into current trends in the modern working environment, and spoke about how designers can embrace their role as trendsetters. The subsequent gathering allowed the audience to become more familiar with forward-thinking office-space solutions. Guests could even experience the teamwork of the future for themselves by trying out the new Nice Wall, live in the Bene Innovation Hub.

Team work – Quo vadis?

No longer just another magic word, “Co-Creation” is now shorthand for the cooperation that makes innovation possible. Complex tasks and interdisciplinary projects demand teamwork. Anyone who is “co-creative” brings their skills and their commitment to the table. Cooperation in a modern office requires a productive environment. Places and spaces conducive to informal communication are important, including cafeterias, lounges, and other “We-Places”. Spaces for collaboration and co-creation are new. They support interaction and a positive dynamic through intelligent layouts and inviting designs, which makes them exceptionally functional.

This is also evident in Bene’s new products, launched during this event: the TIMBA Table provides a shared focal point that creates a welcoming atmosphere and encourages uncomplicated communication. A variety of options for sitting and standing comfortably, such as the Bay Chair, the PARCS Causeway and the new TIMBA Stool, invite users to shift from one place to the other, and work to create a dynamic ambience in the office. Intelligent media support makes cooperation easier, quicker and more efficient. The Bene Nice Wall, powered by we-inspire, demonstrates just how appealing intelligent media technology can look. Several people can work simultaneously on their digital content on this interactive, adaptable wall. This space speeds up brainstorming sessions and encourages the development of creative ideas.

Working in a Living Space: a We-Place

Bene defines an office as a vibrant living space – much like an urban landscape with many different places and spaces that accommodate different activities. With open structures, spatial flexibility, and a highly efficient use of space, the office can be adapted to suit the unique working method and culture of the company. Bene organises the office into Work-, We- and Me-Places. In this way, Bene offices invite their users into the dynamic movement between the various places and spaces – for communication, concentration and recreation. In line with the motto: “Choose the place you need.”

The modern office is first and foremost a We-Place: cooperation, exchanges, and networking are what matter most. Employees need a working environment that not only supports the routine workflow but also provides space for creativity. This results in innovation and success. The office setting is also a key factor influencing work satisfaction, job appeal and identification with the company. Finding the best minds and encouraging their long-term loyalty to the company is the foundation for sustainable success. With its latest concepts and products for all places and spaces, Bene is speeding up the process of transforming the working environment, and is setting the benchmark for modern offices.

PARCS – more than a product line

Working together with Bene, the London design studio PearsonLloyd have developed a completely novel, unconventional furniture collection, creating a new concept of office life. PARCS responds to the increasing importance of knowledge work in the office, which calls for newly defined spaces, and furniture that is as practical as it is inspiring. The office is no longer a linear row of departments; instead, it is a multifunctional landscape that offers employees the working environment that they need for today’s complex work structures. In order to accommodate shifting forms of work, a new archetype is necessary – a super structural space: a place that functions in different situations, for meetings and spontaneous exchange, personal encounters, collaborative work and recreation. According to designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, the project required emancipation from the old idea “that people are only working when they are sitting at their desk”.

Cooperation and communication in the mid zone

PARCS is thus a sensible supplement to typical office layouts, enabling the holistic design and furnishing of modern office landscapes. With PARCS, new and visually stimulating accents improve the typically underutilised middle zones and transition areas between those office spaces with clear functional roles. In a manner similar to that of squares and parks in cities, these “in between” zones are available for communal utilisation. The friendly shapes of this furniture collection and their colours – sometimes minimalist, sometimes trendy – convey a feeling of lightness. Their formal design is intentionally relaxed, calm and neutral. At the same time, the line is decidedly modern.

The collection

Easy chairs and small stools, upholstered benches and partitions, wall elements, tables and shelves are the basic components of the PARCS set. Their names are Toguna, Causeways, Wing Chair, Wing Sofa, American Diner and Idea Wall.

PARCS can be freely combined and its spatial concept makes it both architecture and furniture at the same time. All of these elements can be linked together to make multifunctional, room-shaping office landscapes.

PARCS has won many awards

Since its market introduction in 2009, PARCS has already won numerous International design awards, including Germany’s Red Dot Award in 2010, the Focus Open 2010 International Design prize in Baden-Württemberg, the Good Design Award in the USA, and the Brit Insurance Design Award in the UK. PARCS has also received several important nominations, such as for the design award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2011, the International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2010 in the USA, and the 2012 German design prize.


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