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Bene & PearsonLloyd – in search for better workplace design

Industrial design studio PearsonLloyd will present 1:1 Inside Design with PearsonLloyd, (13th – 23rd September), an exhibition at Great Western Studios exploring their recent work, design process and the ongoing themes that drive their thinking. The fourth in a new series of exhibitions within Great Western Studios, exploring work from a range of leading designers, 1:1 Inside Design with PearsonLloyd will mark the first time the London studio has been commissioned to create an exhibition on their approach to industrial design. The installation will feature a survey of projects PearsonLloyd have been involved in – among them a number of products, designed for and in cooperation with Bene.

As designers, Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson impressively demonstrate again and again what constitutes high-quality industrial design – namely, the intelligent translation of changing work styles, production possibilities and living circumstances. They aim at turning the office into a more humane, lively and inspiring place by challenging the overtly technical aesthetic that dominate workplace design – a goal, they share with the Austrian furniture brand Bene.

The starting point for the collaboration between PearsonLloyd and Bene was a study on "New Working Environments" – in their research, PearsonLloyd analysed contemporary working life and the activities, needs, and behaviours of knowledge workers. The result of this collaboration is PARCS, an unconventional furniture set, designed to create collaborative and communicative zones that promote productivity, creativity and a sense of well-being among employees. Its elements include the Toguna, a half-open room within a room element for short meetings, a series of freely combinable benches, fence modules and walls named Causeway or the Idea Wall, a free standing wall element with integrated communication and media technology for a quick presentation or a short discussion.

In today’s working reality, people focus on different activities, are often out and about and require different forms of interaction, be it communicative discussion or concentrated privacy. Acknowledging that, and extending the analogy of the urban landscape, PearsonLloyd developed DOCKLANDS, an alternative setting for individual, focused work within the open space. The Dock-In Bays, the key elements of the series, function as an interface, an "anchor-point" for different users, where one can dock on at any point in the day and withdraw into more focused work.

It’s only a few steps from the DOCKLANDS to Greenwich, a fabric collection designed by PearsonLloyd and exclusively produced by the Danish manufacturer kvadrat. Inspired by the iconic Greenwich Park they transferred the network of its paths to the pattern of the fabric, thus setting invigorating accents in office landscapes. The Greenwich fabric is predestined for use in the lines PARCS and DOCKLANDS, infusing the furniture with even more character and colorful highlights.
With areas for teamwork and collaboration gaining greater importance in modern workplaces, seating furniture needs to adapt as well: the days of personal ownership and chair as status symbol are on the way out. The Bay Chair responds to these changes and automatically adapts to changing users – it is ideal for numerous informal situations or touch down zones. Its soft, emotional design, with organically flowing lines, brings a human touch into the office.

The latest product to emerge from Bene’s ongoing cooperation with PearsonLloyd is the RIYA chair, a task chair designed to work across the modern office landscape, from traditional workstation settings to informal collaboration environments. Just like the Bay Chair, RIYA’s design deliberately rejects the "machine-like" aesthetic of so much modern task seating and embodies the social and emotional qualities of modern workplaces.

About PearsonLloyd

PearsonLloyd is a London based design studio founded by Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson in 1997. Current commissions include research and development across a wide variety of disciplines including furniture and product design in work-place, transport, healthcare and urban environments. These projects seek to identify and reflect the shifting pattern of behaviour in our contemporary life. The studio supports a collaborative approach in its work that embraces the restrictions imposed by product type, function, material, process, market, client and all else that defines a brief.
In 2008, Tom and Luke were awarded the distinction of Royal Designers for Industry by The Royal Society of Arts, and in August 2012 were named in the top 50 designers ‘Shaping the Future’ by Fast-Co Magazine in New York.

About Inside Design

Inside Design at Great Western Studios is a new season of exhibitions where leading designers, companies and brands are invited to explain their journey – business to business, creative to creative, showing their process and how they get it "just right".

1:1 Inside Design with PearsonLloyd
Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London W2 5EU
13 – 23 September, 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, Weekends by appointment

Thursday 12th September 2013
Suzanne Trocmé in conversation with PearsonLloyd 6.30pm – 7.15pm
Private View 7.15pm – 10.00pm

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