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Bene presents design-oriented solutions for office and home at Maison&Objet

At Maison&Objet in Paris, Bene will present its innovative solutions for tomorrow’s working environment. This will be a world characterised by design and international flair and a world in which the separation of work and leisure continues to dissolve.

Big data, digitalisation, mobility and social networks are just some of the factors that are changing society, politics and economy in an unprecedented manner and, as a result, altering the ways in which we work. This has resulted in people becoming more flexible and mobile today than ever before. As a result, our professional and personal lives are becoming more and more integrated, making life as a whole more individual, varied and complex. Classic workstations are losing importance while those areas that promote a lively group dynamic and offer space for creativity are increasingly important in the everyday life of an organisation.

At the same time, the boundaries are becoming blurred between the working environment and the private sphere, between working time and free time, and between office furniture and home design products. Design and flair are taking over the working environments that are always emerging in new places, namely wherever people come together to do creative work. As an international supplier for the design and furnishing of inspiring office and working environments, Bene has been synonymous worldwide for decades with a successful symbiosis of office furniture, interiors and architecture, as well as for design, quality and innovation. Bene is committed to keeping ahead of the latest trends and developments and responding with innovative concepts and products for the working environments of tomorrow. This led to Bene’s latest innovations: PIXEL, a flexible furniture set for a new meeting culture, and STUDIO by Bene, a modern and modular workplace system for people who also bring individuality and creativity to their work. These two innovations, as well as the SETTLE upholstered furniture line and the PARCS room-forming furniture set, which has been in the range for 10 years and is thus almost a classic, will be presented by Bene from 6 to 10 September at Maison&Objet in Paris, where everything revolves around lifestyle, both at home and in the office.

Bene has consistently been an early recogniser of trends and, thanks to the emphasis on innovation, has regularly remained one step ahead of its competitors in developing its new products. For the first time with PARCS, and most recently again with STUDIO by Bene, we integrated homelike elements in the working environment and thus abolished the strict separation between work and leisure already 10 years ago,” says Michael Fried, Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Bene, referring to Bene’s role as a first mover. He is convinced that “we are only at the beginning of a revolutionary development that will change the world of work and leisure over the long term.


PIXEL: Creative spaces for a new kind of meeting

Boxes made of unprocessed pine plywood that can be put together quickly and flexibly to create a wide variety of furniture and enable a new meeting and encounter culture.


STUDIO – a workplace system for everyone who lives, works and thinks design

Together with the Austrian product designer Thomas Feichtner, Bene has developed STUDIO, a workplace system that appeals in particular to people who closely merge professional with personal.


PARCS brings high-quality interaction into the office – success through teamwork

PARCS is a room-shaping furniture programme that offers an inspiring workplace setting for spontaneous exchange, personal encounters, collaborative work and meetings.


SETTLE: Upholstered furniture as the starting point for communication

SETTLE promotes a culture of diversity and encounter by creating a place for communication and temporary retreat. With SETTLE, creativity flourishes and the office becomes a modern space for living.












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