Corporate Issues 05.12.2019

“Challenge Everything”: Bene launches new image campaign

“The world is changing. Workplaces are changing. People are changing. And so are we.” International office furniture expert Bene’s new image campaign under the motto “Challenge Everything” focuses on the transformation of our working environments. The campaign was created by the Viennese agency WE MAKE STORIES.

The way we live and work is constantly changing: technological achievements – from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence – are influencing our society, a paradigm shift is taking place in leadership culture and more than ever before, people are expecting their work to be meaningful. Against this background of constant change, Bene has been putting working environments to the test for almost 230 years and is a pioneer in the field, offering solutions for the future of work. Bene is now conveying this philosophy in a new image campaign that sums up what the brand stands for today in two words: “Challenge Everything”.

Evolution of the working environment

How does the workplace change when work changes? Bene has provided an answer to this question with desks that comfortably support you while standing, with chairs that are not just good to sit on, and with design concepts that inspire people. Today, ideas flow freely, workplaces are flexible and processes agile. This change poses a challenge for every company and Bene has defined it as the benchmark for innovative work. Because everything is changing and Bene is actively changing with it. But just saying "change everything" would be too easy. Bene says: “Challenge Everything”! The guiding principle here is to question things proactively and creatively. In the new image campaign’s printed texts and videos the products are the heroes.

“Our company is steeped in tradition but is far from traditional. In order to highlight our position as an international, forward-looking office furniture expert we have designed a new image campaign together with our agency WE MAKE STORIES. “Challenge Everything” is a strong and motivating brand message, targeted not only towards our current and potential customers, but also towards all Bene employees around the world,” explains Michael Fried, Bene’s Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing and Innovation, delighted with the new image for Bene.

The Viennese agency WE MAKE STORIES, which is responsible for the creation and implementation of the campaign, was inspired by the visual language of fashion brands where the focus is not on the static image of the product, but primarily on its transformative power. This clearly distinguishes the Austrian-rooted international office furniture expert from the competition. “The new image campaign faces the challenge of telling Bene’s brand values in various different cultural circles. Accordingly, “Challenge Everything” consciously created a differentiation by focusing on renderings with unusual staging in the space instead of classic furniture photos,” say Eva Oberdorfer and Thomas Niederdorfer of WE MAKE STORIES. Strong colours and striking lettering underline the unusual design for an office furniture manufacturer.

The campaign focuses on innovations such as the PARCS Wing Chair, the TIMBA Table, the RIYA swivel chair, the STUDIO Table and PIXEL by Bene. With “Challenge Work”, “Challenge Spaces”, “Challenge Meetings”, “Challenge Offices” and “Challenge Ideas”, the new image campaign also sheds light on the challenges that different working environments pose for modern companies and encourages them to creatively question them in accordance with Bene’s brand values – inspiring, pioneering and results-oriented.

The new image campaign will be running from 5 December 2019 at points of sale in 40 countries, in selected print and online media and on social networks.

Credits: Bene
Executive Board Member for Sales, Marketing & Innovation: Michael Fried
Head of Marketing & Digital: Florian Moritz

Agency credits: WE MAKE STORIES
Managing Directors: Eva Oberdorfer, Thomas Niederdorfer
Account Director: Sebastian Hainbach
Creative Directors: Eva Oberdorfer, Thomas Niederdorfer
Art Directors: Maria Kanzler, Christopher Eder
Copywriter: Bernhard Gigler
Directing: Vitaly Grossmann & Vincent Schwenk, Assistants: Marius Becker & Bruno Canales

About Bene

The international office expert is a specialist in the design and furnishing of office and working environments. Bene defines the office as a living space, and its concepts, products and services turn this philosophy into a reality. The Bene Group is a globally active company with its head office and production facilities in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Austria. Development, design, and production, along with consulting and sales, are thereby united under one Austrian roof. As a significant market player in Europe, Bene stands for innovative concepts, inspiring offices, and high-quality design, and develops and produces customised solutions for all company sizes – from one-person companies to SMEs and global corporations.


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The Vienna creative agency We Make Stories, led by Eva Oberdorfer and Thomas Niederdorfer, advises over 20 different brands in more than ten countries, including EVN, iglo Austria, Bene, LLB, Dr. Oetker, Lower Austria Tourism, Caritas and the City of Vienna.

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