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Nice Wall & PARCS: Creative space for digital teamwork

In collaboration with the start-up we-inspire, a spin-off from the University of Applied Sciences of Upper Austria, Bene has developed a room module for meetings, brainstorming sessions and visual presentations: the Nice Wall powered by we-inspire, a continuous frameless and interactive wall which can be freely scaled up to 30 metres in length. It makes teamwork more efficient and enables new working methods that actively involve all participants. By combining the Nice Wall with the upholstered furniture elements from Bene‘s successful PARCS series any office space can be turned into a multimedia innovation area – for interactive cooperation and exchange in the living office.

A space for ideas promotes innovation

Ideas are the most important raw materials of the 21st century. In our globalised world, one single idea can influence and permanently change the working methods and actions of millions of people. The idea can come from widely different sources of inspiration: from a quick note or sketch on a piece of paper, a snapshot using a mobile phone or a brief conversation with a colleague from another department. If all possible sources of inspiration are brought together and can be shared, this then creates an environment which promotes creativity and new ideas.

Since 2005, Bene has been working on the development of new workspaces, building on both analogue and digital sources of inspiration, that incorporate intelligent media technology to support the creative process.

One outcome from this research is creation of the Nice Wall – an interactive wall that allows multiple individuals to work with digital content at the same time. It combines various types of established software and hardware technologies to create a scalable and continuous screen wall several metres wide. Up to seven people can write and draw at the same time using Anoto digital pens. The Nice Wall supports presentations and creative brainstorming sessions or meetings, and the results of the cooperation can be easily saved and distributed electronically.

Digital teamwork

The interactive work surface enables new perspectives and angles, with fast input speeds and pixel-perfect presentation in the form of vector graphics guaranteed in the process. Managers, designers, developers, advisers and sales people no longer have to labour “in private”; instead, they can work out future problems and share their solutions face-to-face – with each other and next to each other on the intuitive Nice Wall.

The individual applications

we-inspire sketch

Ideas and sketches can be created down to the minutest detail using the we-inspire sketch application, which produces precise vector-based notes. The integration of images adds to the versatility of the application scenarios, such as creating presentations and discussing existing content. Intuitive menu and toolbars combined with innovative selection and transformation tools support rapid and precise working procedures.

we-inspire brainstorm

The we-inspire brainstorm application can be used by multiple users simultaneously and is the ideal tool for brainstorming, structuring and decision-making processes. Digital Post-It notes with automatic zoom, dynamic connections and different categorising colours rapidly provide a clear structure to the content entered.

we-inspire write

The best ideas often emerge when you are away from your laptop or the office. This is why the we-inspire write application integrates working on traditional paper both for during meetings as well as offline when users are at the cafe or even in the park.  The application allows handwritten notes and sketches to be included on paper in real time with synchronous use of pens for groups of up to seven people. The content created can be reused seamlessly in sketch and/or brainstorm.

Digital bridges between generations and work styles

The technology retreats to the background and no longer gets in the way of direct communication. The seamless integration of traditional media, such as Post-Its and flipcharts also offers a low entry-barrier for less technically sophisticated employees. This makes it easier to integrate them into a digital work process. Like no other medium, the Nice Wall ensures seamless, cross-generational integration between different work methods and user skills.


The Nice Wall in combination with the PARCS upholstered furniture elements turns any meeting room into a multifunctional work environment for various types of formal and informal communication. In addition to traditional presentations, it also provides the ideal environment for creative meetings, break-out sessions and workshops. And as of 2014 it also enables remote communication with international colleagues at different locations.


Über we-inspire

we-inspire is an innovative young start-up that works on innovative solutions for digital cooperation. we-inspire provides intuitive communications technology for the professional environment that bridges the gap between traditional and digital working methods, thereby encouraging effective team work.
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Bene Nice Wall powered by we-inspire

Bene Nice Wall powered by we-inspire

Bene Nice Wall powered by we-inspire

Bene Nice Wall powered by we-inspire

Bene Nice Wall powered by we-inspire