AL Conference



Aluminium – a symbol of lightness and high-tech.

Stylish rooms for conferences and meetings are modern sources of productivity. The AL Conference Table stands for clear communication, reducing everything down to the essentials. AL, a representative symbol of lightness, functionality and high-tech. Equipped with the Bene MediaRoom as the self-image of today’s communications rooms. Power, data, picture and sound infrastructure are integrated almost invisibly into the programme.  Thanks to the consistent design language of the conference tables and supplementary storage furniture, the AL conference pieces are perfect for combinations. The furniture of the AL Conference and AL Storage can be perfectly combined with each other thanks to their consistent design language.

The AL Conference Table has a surprising length of up to eight metres and offers a high level of work comfort for 8 to 28 people. Length of 156–800 cm. Width: 156 cm. It has four exterior table legs combined with a central console and an circumferential aluminium frame.