Bene Lamps



Excellent lighting quality due to innovative technology

Exclusively for Bene, Nimbus developed the new luminaires »Lamps« – designed by PearsonLloyd. The innovative technology provides an ideal quality to light shielded coves and communication zones of the urban landscape of the office. The clear design language of Lamps – similar to urban lighting – perfectly fits into DOCKLANDS and PARCS. Lamps from Bene can be operated and dimmed intuitively by means of its touchless gesture control.

Light distribution: 100 % downwards. Luminaire head and tube made of aluminium, shade made of foil, diffusor made of acrylic glass, base plate: coated steel. Free standing or mounted directly on the table top.

Technical Details

  Lamp 180 Lamp 250

Size (height x diameter)

450 x 180mm

500 x 250mm

Number of LEDs

35 Stück

56 Stück

Power supply

8 W / 230 volts AC / 50 Hz

13,5 W / 230 volts AC / 50 Hz

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