M_COM Table


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Sit down. The table for all meetings.

Bene’s M_COM Table captivates by concentrating on essentials. A variable table system that makes a light optical impression and is designed for all levels of communication and management tasks. The slim cross-section of the table legs and the clear geometry of the table tops produce straightforward elegance. Ideal for face-to-face communication at meetings, conferences and seminars. The intelligent system, which comprises fixed single tables, foldable tables, suspended panels, touch-down attachments and screens, supports flexible utilisation.

Lightness, formal reduction and rapid transformability are characteristic of the M_COM Table. The practical highlight: the table tops and foldable leg-stands can be stored quickly and easily on the transport cart and kept ready for mobile use. The M_COM Table is an intelligent piece of system furniture, which can be used to create a variety of configurations for meetings and conferences.