DOCKLANDS Dock-In Lounge



A place to drop anchor in the office.

DOCKLANDS Dock In Lounges provide alternative, temporary places for individual work. Today people don’t always work at a desk – they also use more relaxed lounge areas. They offer a convenient anchor point in the office for team members, customers or visitors. Since the DOCKLANDS Dock-In Lounges are free-standing they can be positioned anywhere in an open-plan space, while also providing all-round protection. With appealing design style, visual and acoustic screening and other optional fittings, they create a comfortable temporary place to work in a compact space.

DOCKLANDS Dock In Lounges can be configured as an Open Lounge or as a Single Lounge, with more screening. The DOCKLANDS Dock In Lounge can also be fitted with a swivelling table complete with connection plug board.


Practical accessories such as a work surface with power bar, a storage shelf, and clothes hook and hanger all help to keep things well organised - in even the smallest of spaces. An integrated presence indicator also signals whether the workstation is free or occupied.

Storage tray with presence indicator Table Clothes hanger

Dimensions [mm]

DOCKLANDS Dock-In Lounge Open

  • Open Lounge 150 x 105cm
  • Height 141cm
DOCKLANDS Dock-In Lounge Single 

  • Single Lounge 150 x 180cm
  • Height 141cm
  • Entrance position available on the right or left