Fabric panel

The fabric panel is inserted into the organisation profile and can therefore also be easily upgraded.
Fabrics can be specified from the current Bene colour spectrum.


A magnetic whiteboard is available in two different sizes, depending on the attachement situation.

High whiteboard: 1,096 x 856mm
(on covered side)
Low whiteboard: 721 x 856mm
(in front on two tall cabinets)


Flip chart pad holder

As additional option a flip chart pad holder is available.

Directly on the covered side Stick magnetically to the FRAME_S whiteboard


Lighting strip

A continuously dimmable lighting strip which can be mounted under the box. Easy upgrading is guaranteed.
Characteristics: 19 W LED 4.000 K incl. accessories and dimmer, aluminium profile 1,200 x 60 x 36mm, anodised, white, powder-coated



Lower cabinet:

  • can optionally be equipped with a cylinder lock,
  • additionally an accessory tray can be selected
  • or a connection plug board can be integrated. The cabling is possible through the entire tall cabinet.

Upper cabinet:

  • can be equipped with a private compartment, which can be designed to be lockable.


Dimensions [mm]