PARCS Tables



PARCS Club Table

The PARCS Club Table is a table range that supplements PARCS and is the perfect addition to the Club Chair. Additional usecases of the Club Table are in combination with PARCS American Diner, Wing Sofa, as general ancillary table or small meeting table. It is available with a squared, round, rectangular or soft edged table top.


  • Club Table: 70 / 80 / 90cm x 45 / 73 or 110cm
  • Club Table big: 125 / 155cm x 80cm x 45 / 73 or 111cm


PARCS Cylinder Table

A round table on a cylindrical base, with a friendly and distinctive design. The table top is optionally made of varnished glass, or veneered or varnished MDF with a diameter of 80cm. The table base of the Cylinder Table is made of veneered or varnished shaped wood, at a height of  45cm. 


  • Ø 80 x 45cm


PARCS Ply Table

Shaped wood and delicate chrome-plated steel pipe create a table that can be used as a lectern or as a side table. Stylish, stackable and light – a team player with a variety of uses. The plywood is available veneered or varnised.


  • 55 x 71 x 42cm


PARCS Pop-Up Table

A small compact side table, in line with the Pop-up Stool. The cylindrical base is made of varnished shaped plywood. The table top is made of deep-drawn plastic in white or black.


  • Ø 40 x 43cm


PARCS Toguna Table

A functional table for the Toguna in two heights (73 oder 110cm), for standing or sitting. The round table-top with a bevelled edge is made of varnished or veneered MDF (25mm). The shaped plastic column is available with black or white varnish. The tables stability is ensured by a black powdercoated steel base plate, 4mm thick with plastic glides.


  • Ø 90 x 73 / 110cm