Designer: Didi Lenz

PIXEL in Action

PIXEL may look like a box but it can also be a table, a bench, a platform, a shelf and so much more. PIXEL is the building block for an infinite number of ways to furnish space exactly as it needs to be.

With PIXEL, Bene has developed a comprehensive furniture set which achieves a lot, while remaining flexible and unpretentious. Free thinking, great ideas and successful business models are created wherever PIXEL is.

The latest additions to the PIXEL system were developed to provide co-working spaces, start-ups, events or trade fairs, cafes or educational institutions with the fle¬xibility needed for individual space designs.

For events, PIXEL can be transformed into a bar, high table or DJ booth in next to no time.

PIXEL – Workshop

PIXEL’s charm lies in its workshop aesthetic, which turns idea labs, project spaces and team areas into start-up zones.
Spatial requirements often change, especially in workshops. PIXEL makes it easy for you to quickly set up, modify and take down the furnishings you need. PIXEL Rack makes it possible to create mobile room dividers and presentation walls. This is not only extremely practical, it will also free up your mind.

PIXEL – Projectroom

The ability to work in agile groups is increasingly important as companies continue to grow and the physical environment must support this concept.

Even the most agile office needs spaces for meetings, zones for retreating and areas for social interaction. With PIXEL, employees can design or adapt their own work environment in seconds.
PIXEL, combined with PIXEL Rack, keeps the room in motion and adjust it to meet any requirements. PIXEL Rack provides the framework for you to create a variety of configurations: such as workstations, shelving, a plant wall or it can be used as a room divider with removable whiteboards. Castors and an integrated handle make the elements mobile and flexible – so they are easy to slide around and reposition. 

PIXEL – Workstation fpr multiple people

In co-working spaces, start-ups and team spaces, a “hands-on” approach is the norm. When movers and shakers get together, work spaces have to adapt quickly to different needs. With PIXEL this can be done in just a few easy steps: shelves become a workbench, and seating becomes a lectern. PIXEL Boxes can be put together to make various different pieces of furniture. Whether it’s a table, storage units or seats you need – PIXEL is ready for anything and always adaptable.

PIXEL – Room divider

Retaining the benefits of an open space office while creating areas with social distancing – PIXEL makes this possible. PIXEL Rack is freely mobile and can be used flexibly to delineate space within the open office, quickly creating practical work settings, whilst offering a semi-transparent screen for privacy.

PIXEL – Home Office

PIXEL may just look like a box, but it’s so much more than that. Today the PIXEL set is a shelf in the bedroom. Tomorrow it might be a table in the children’s room. Without requiring a tool-box, PIXEL offers the necessary scope to build the furniture settings that meet the current needs. The PIXEL settings thus provide the ideal solution to working from home – especially for spontaneous free spirits. The purist, yet striking de-sign sets eye-catching, unconventional accents in any living space and establishes an open atmosphere that encourages creativity.

PIXEL – Café / Shop

From pop-ups to complete concept stores, PIXEL is the ideal multi-functional modular furnishing system. PIXEL shelves, tables and stools create flexible options for design and layout in retail spaces and cafés. PIXEL’s natural, untreated surfaces are eye-catching, without diverting customers’ attention from what’s really important. For events, PIXEL can make a bar or a DJ booth, a high table or seating. With PIXEL, it’s easy to create whatever settings you need: it can be assembled, disassembled or modified by hand in just a few quick steps.