Designer: Didi Lenz

PIXEL Tops & Trays

PIXEL is a building block which can be easily transformed into a table, a bench, a stool, or even a a platform for an audience to sit on. And all this with just a few steps, opening up new possibilities for collaborative work. PIXEL is the building block for an endless number of possibilities when it comes to flexible space design.

PIXEL Tops and Trays offer an even wider range of potential uses and were developed to provide co-working spaces, start-ups, events or trade fairs, cafes or educational institutions with the fle¬xibility needed for individual space designs. For events, PIXEL can be transformed into a bar, high table or DJ booth in next to no time.

PIXEL Pod and PIXEL Tray allow flexibility for different height settings. Stacked on the PIXEL Wheel Tray equipped with castors, the elements become mobile PIXEL solutions.