Control points—with RIYA, your posture is whatever you choose.

Adjusting the seat height

The correct seat height is achieved by pressing the right-front button on the chair. The seat height is adjustable between 400–510mm. The optimum position is achieved when your feet are flat on the floor with a 90° angle between your thighs and lower legs.

Backrest resistance

RIYA with automatic weight adjustment
The automatic weight adjustment feature means that the tension in the backrest automatically adjusts to the body weight of the user to support them properly whatever their posture.

RIYA with synchro-mechanism
By turning the knob at the left-front of the chair so that the backrest tension matches the bodyweight of the user, individuals can find the most comfortable and appropriate seating position.

Locking the backrest

RIYA with automatic weight adjustment
The backrest can be locked by adjusting the lever on the left rear into the rear locking position. To return to synchronous movement simply lean back in the chair and return the lever to the front position.

RIYA with synchro-mechanism
The backrest and seat angle of the RIYA with a synchro-mechanism can be fixed into any of four desired positions by pulling the lever at the left-rear of the chair into its backwards position. The chair can then be quickly and easily unlocked by moving the lever back to its front position and sitting back in the chair.

Seat tilt adjustment

RIYA with synchro-mechanism
By adjusting the lever at the left-rear of the seat into its forward position while leaning back in the chair, the seat can be tilted forward by 3 degrees. This position is ideal for people working for long periods at a computer. To disengage the forward seat tilt,
lean back in the chair and move the lever back to its central locking position.

Seat depth adjustment

By adjusting the push-button control at the right-rear of the chair, the seat depth can be extended or reduced by up to 50mm.


2D armrests are height and width adjustable.
Adjustment range: 100mm high by 60mm wide

3D armrests are height, width and depth adjustable.
Adjustment range: 100mm high, 60mm wide, 40mm deep