Bene works sustainably

Bene takes a leading role in responsible environmental management. It is practised throughout the company, from product development to procurement, production, distribution and product recycling.

Bene regards ecological responsibility as central to sustainable corporate strategy.

Bene aims to exceed legal requirements and to strive for better, more sustainable environmental protection throughout the Bene group. Bene's key environmental principles are: Avoidance – Minimisation – Recycling – Disposal.


Ecological Standards

  • 93% recyclability across the RIYA range
  • Packaging is fully recyclable (Polyethylene film and paper)
  • Manufactured using 41% recycled material (Post-consumer proportion 37%, pre-consumer 4%)
  • A design that makes efficient use of resources
  • Lightweight design means a total weight of between 15-18kg
  • Use of high quality and durable components and materials
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Easy replacement of modular components (seatpads and armrests) leads to increased lifecycle
  • Uses no environmentally harmful substances
  • CFC-free foam
  • No use of PVC, adhesives, chrome, lead or mercury
  • All finishes are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Materials are produced according to Bene’s own stringent environmental standards and appropriate ecological regulations including Öko-Tex 100 Standard
  • RIYA can be used towards a LEED accreditation

RIYA is made from the following materials

Middle back model, aluminium base, 2D-armrests

9.2kg / 53%
2.6kg / 15%
4.1kg / 24%
Foam, Textile fabrics
1.4kg / 8%

Total weight of this model: 17.3kg

High back model, aluminium base, 2D-armrests

9.6kg / 54%
2.6kg / 14%
4.1kg / 23%
Foam, Textile fabrics
1.6kg / 9%

Total weight of this model: 17.9kg