NAP chair


Design: Kasper Salto

Sitting is movement

NAP, the new creation from Kasper Salto, is a stackable chair. Its curvaceous form is feminine and elegant. The contours of the nylon shell adapt naturally to the shape of the human body. When you take the textured waves into account, you feel like you can sit on this chair without problems – and actually enjoy doing so – for hours.

The NAP chair is a reflection of Kasper Salto‘s approach to design. "For me, design is about relevance," says the designer. "My goal is always to create a product that is relevant for the user. In designing the NAP chair, it was important to me that you can sit in it comfortably in as many positions as possible. Its name is an abbreviation of the three basic sitting positions: normal, active and passive – or in short: NAP. Because sitting is in fact a state of constant movement. "

The chair is available immediately in milk white and butter yellow.


Please note, that these products are not available in all countries.
Details upon request.