Design: STRUCTURELAB Architects Düsseldorf

Minimalistic form, maximum functionality.

The simple designs are the ones that outlive all trends and still possess their validity tomorrow. This is why the design of the LAVIGO free-standing LED luminaire is resolutely limited to a rectangular form. LAVIGO combines classic design with innovative technology.

Available in three different performance classes (49, 75 und 104 W) and a range of connection and model variants, LAVIGO can fulfill different planning and workplace requirements. The PULSE daylight and presence sensor technology can be integrated to ensure optimized energy consumption. PULSE TALK also enables wireless communication between several luminaires as an option, thus preventing islands of light. In the biodynamic version, PULSE VTL simulates natural daylight in the workroom and positively impacts people.

All parameters in relation to modern office concepts, furniture systems, and decors were actively considered in the development of LAVIGO. The LAVIGO with one luminaire head is suitable for one or two work stations when positioned laterally depending on the light consumption. Up to four work stations can be illuminated with one centrally positioned LAVIGO TWIN-T. When laterally positioned, the LAVIGO TWIN-U can supply light to two desks situated opposite each other.

Easily accessible, multifunctional operating elements are flush-mounted in the tubular section and allow a regulation of the direct and indirect light share independently of one another.


Special feature

  • luminaire head detachable
  • LED light engine according to Zhaga standard
  • integrated light- and presence-detecting sensor PULSE or integrated light and presence sensor PULSE PIR
  • integrated light management for biodynamic light PULSE VTL
  • light forming
  • separated; direct and indirect light individually adjustable
  • retrofit with EnOcean wireless module PULSE-TALK


Please note, that these products are not available in all countries.
Details upon request. 


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