An intelligent modular system for setting up double-glazed office and corridor walls.

The R-Platform is a double-glazed room system that offers a wide range of design possibilities. It sets new standards in design, flexibility, technology, acoustics and upgradability.

The R-Platform can be arranged (melamin, veneer, fabrics, glass, acoustics absorbtion panel) and organised (horizontal load-bearing joint) independently on both sides and due to its extreme stability, is ideal for organising the workspace using hung cabinets, shelves and accessories. The height of the vertical joint is arbitrary and the wall system not only caters for building tolerances up to ±25mm on floor and ceiling but also allows for additional variable ceiling movements of 10mm. The R-Platform wall system is very flexible in relation to refurbishments and churn thanks to easily removable panels. Office walls can be moved quickly and easily. Three acoustic levels (up to 48 dB Rw) are available.