10 years of PARCS – a bright celebration!

In 2009 a new kind of furniture was launched: PARCS inspired unconventional office layouts, breaking out from established formats and routines. Jointly developed by the London design duo Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, it defined a new style of office interaction. Integrating the communal zones into the office also led to another significant change: the spaces became more colourful, the materials softer, and the colour schemes of office landscapes became a way to define the brand.

Colours create an atmosphere

We are surrounded by colours all the time. They affect our emotions. They have a major influence on the ambience of a room. Even in the office. Colours are on floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, work accessories, the people around us, and the landscape outside the window. Together they form a never-ending spectrum of nuances, tones and contrasts. Despite all this variety: identity is the result of a conscious selection of materials and colours, especially when it comes to furniture and spaces. Above all, colourful fabrics set vivid accents to an office landscape. In addition to pleasant basic colours, this creates optical highlights.

PARCS 10 Year Anniversary fabric collection:
Sarah Morris meets Raf Simons

Bene is celebrating 10 years of PARCS with a new and exclusive fabric collection which brings not only colour, but also patterns into the office. The fabric collections AGENCY (design by Sarah Moriss & Maharam Design Studio) and REFELX (design by Raf Simons) from our partner KVADRAT turn PARCS Causeway, PARCS Wing Chair and PARCS Pop Up Stool into eye-catchers in every interior.


Designed by the artist Sarah Morris in collaboration with Maharam Design Studio, the furniture fabric Agency with its striking geometric pattern is a modern interpretation of traditional tapestry. AGENCY is based on Sarah Morris’ painting “Creative Artists Agency (Los Angeles)” created in 2005. The repetitive, multi-layered hexagonal pattern of the fabric reflects the lattice and tile structure of the artist's paintings, providing an ideal framework for the exploration of colour.


In the REFLEX stripe pattern, designer Raf Simons was inspired by the festive maritime stripes of the furniture fabric used for Franco Albini’s Seggiovia chair in the 1940s, by the way artist Daniel Buren used stripes in his architectural work, and by the long tradition of block stripes in fashion. The colours of REFLEX draw on all these sources and offer both flashy and subtle variations.

More about Kvadrat

Kvadrat has been a leader in textile design and innovation since 1968. The internationally renowned and progressive design company is constantly working to push the boundaries of aesthetic, creative and technological progress in textile design. In cooperation with the world’s best skilled architects, artists, designers, furniture manufacturers and retailers, Kvadrat brings warmth, texture and colour to public buildings and homes.