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225 years of Bene - a short company history, Part 2

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Bene celebrates its birthday. Founded in 1790 by Michael Bene as a small carpentry workshop in Waidhofen an der Ybbs, the company has now , 225 years later, 80 subsidiaries in 37 countries. 225 years of family history, 225 years of office history, 225 years of Bene history. Happy Birthday Bene.

Part 2: The Bene Logo

Most people, especially in Austria, connect the Bene Logo with so-called "Bene-folders". True connoisseurs of the brand, however, know that these folders have only little to do with the core range of the office furniture manufacturer Bene. Why then are these two logos so similar?

Once again, family connection plays a part here: In the 1950ies, Gottfried Bene took over Bene, whilst his brother Karl Bene started a Vienna based office supplies company with the same name and same logo. The "Bene folder" he produced became an export success and lead to the lasting fame of the brand: Thousands of folders featuring the Bene logo in Austrian office cupboards marketed two brands at the same time.

Over the years the Bene logo has only changed its appearance slightly: Good things can simply stay the way they are.


Angelika Molk

Corporate Marketing Manager