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Toguna Circle is the latest furniture launched by Bene as part of the groundbreaking and successful PARCS range designed by Pearson Lloyd. It has been developed to create team spaces within open plan office environments. The lounge-like design of Toguna Circle creates lively meeting spaces to support a range of activities and simultaneously foster great team spirit. It is this dual approach that catalyses interactions between team members, accelerates communication and collaboration. The range also incorporates media boards for presentations and videoconferencing.

With its half-height, upholstered walls, Toguna Circle creates a room within a room, but one that is not fully enclosed. With a diameter of three metres, it provides plenty of space for up to ten people. The result is a private workspace that doesn’t cut people off from what is happening outside, because people can see both into and out of Toguna Circle.

In fast-moving open plan workplaces that encourage people to move constantly between personal and group working areas, me- and we-places, Toguna Circle offers a dynamic focal point for a single team, an ad-hoc meeting place.

The materials used in its interior make for a relaxed atmosphere and include benches, fabrics, cushions and carpet. The addition of tables, stools and media furniture create a multi-functional hub.

A communications platform for interaction and collaboration

Toguna Circle provides an inviting, dynamic teamworking room, which reflects the collaborative nature of modern work and promotes informal communication. "We wanted to create a space that fosters the ongoing and diverse nature of teamwork," says the designer Tom Lloyd. "That goes from the classic early morning round-up to brainstorms that are called at short notice, to lunch and coffee breaks and even after work drinks or watching a sporting event on TV. Toguna Circle bridges the gap between focused thought and relaxation."

The distinctive design of Toguna Circle makes it stand out as a landmark in an open plan environment. When located at the heart of a team space, it becomes the focal point for joint activities and project based work. But it can also be the ideal space for multi-disciplinary meetings. It can be positioned anywhere within an office. In receptions and atria, it can be the ideal place to meet and welcome visitors, and can even function outside a traditional office environment, in hotel lobbies, libraries and educational environments.

Within the context of an interior design, Toguna Circle exemplifies flexibility. Due to the fact that, it is not a fixed structure, it can be changed quickly and easily. The 151 cm high upholstered wall panels provide a degree of acoustic absorption for the whole office environment. The wide range of fabrics and finishes offer almost limitless choice.

A lounge-like meeting space

With its curved form and interplay of finishes and materials, Toguna Circle offers the perfect counterpoint to the office. It is an oasis, a place to lounge within the workplace. Interiors elements such as cushions provide both comfort and an extra level of added value with their colours and fabrics. Pearson Lloyd have created their own collection, featuring six uniquely configured four-cushion sets, which offer a subtle mix of atmospheric colours and materials. Team meetings work better in an environment that accommodates or even accentuates the emotional.

Total media

Toguna Circle can also be equipped for a range of media, thanks to its media boards. These are elegantly designed furniture elements for media presentations for the team, designed to be discreet, versatile and easy to use. The monitor is mounted on a base which can incorporate a range of accessories, laptops, connectors and cables for the monitor and so on. Three different models are available: Three distinct Media Boards are available: Low Media Board (16 cm deep , 60 cm wide and 135.8 cm high) low for presentations while seated; High Media Board ( 16 cm deep , 60 cm wide, 171.2 cm) for presentations while standing.

To London, Africa, Australia and back: pioneering projects

The idea and name toguna from the original PARCS collection originate in West Africa. In Mali, it describes a meeting place where the village elders meet to make important decisions. But it was Australia that inspired the development of PARCS Toguna to create Toguna Circle. Real life case studies offered Pearson Lloyd the opportunity to learn from examples of how people used the system and incorporate this experience into their designs. "For example, we incorporated a greater seat depth, softer cushions and more media applications", explain the designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd.

Bene continues to extend its groundbreaking and successful PARCS system

The PARCS furniture system designed to create rooms and new spaces for communication, inspiration, private meetings and collaborative work, is the ideal solution for modern knowledge based workplaces, new ways of working, complex work styles. What is essential, according to the designers Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd is that " we get away from this fixed notion of work consisting of "people only working when they are sitting at a desk. Even someone sitting on a sofa is adding value to the business".



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