Bene is an official partner of the EXPO 2020 Austria Pavilion

The first World Exposition to be held in an Arab country under the theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, will take place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022 and will focus on key questions surrounding the vision, ideas and technologies of the future in an increasingly interconnected world.


LEAD TOGETHER – Interview with Pearson Lloyd

Time and again, the two design partners from London impressively demonstrate what high-quality industrial design is all about, namely cleverly transposing changing ways of working and life situations to new products and usage concepts. 10 years after the joint development of the PARCS product series, the London design studio PearsonLloyd has once again developed an innovative office concept together with Bene: PORTS.

We spoke to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about developing PORTS as “New Leadership Environments”.


Pearson Lloyd on “New Leadership”

Leadership and good decisions will become more precious as time and economic pressure continue to impose restrictions on business. Getting the best out of people and making environments that support natural behaviour has been key to the studio’s work for the last 20 years. In new leadership a greater up-flow of information and ideas takes place. This doesn’t diminish the need for leadership, but it makes the process more inclusive and therefore more rigorous.

We spoke to Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson about the evolution from “New Working Environments” to “New Leadership Environments”. Read for yourself:


The planning of the right distance

To efficiently implement the return to the office, existing office structures need to be analysed and adapted. The right harmony between distance and proximity influences the planning.


Longing to get back to the Office

The boundary between the home and the office has become more fluid. Against the backdrop of the current global crisis, we are experiencing a stress test for the home office. It turns out that working from home works in principle, but are also realising the benefits of working in the office too. This will have an impact on the use concepts and design of office space in the future.


The home office: a few things to consider

At Bene we specialise in designing and furnishing working environments, and so we know how to set up a functional and ergonomic workstation at home, where you can work efficiently and effectively.


PIXEL by Bene @ Dubai Design Week 2019

The artist Ibraheem Khamayseh used PIXEL boxes as the background for his beautifully artistic Arabic calligraphy, forming the word “friendship”, which embodies the spirit of teamwork and of PIXEL. A huge mega-PIXEL surrounded by a wide variety of PIXEL configurations with Ibraheem’s calligraphy was a much-photographed feature that attracted a great deal of interest from the public at this year’s Dubai Design Week.


10 years of PARCS – a bright celebration!

In 2009 a new kind of furniture was launched: PARCS inspired unconventional office layouts, breaking out from established formats and routines. Jointly developed by the London design duo Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, it defined a new style of office interaction. Integrating the communal zones into the office also led to another significant change: the spaces became more colourful, the materials softer, and the colour schemes of office landscapes became a way to define the brand.

Colours create an atmosphere

We are surrounded by colours all the time. They affect our emotions. They have a major influence on the ambience of a room. Even in the office. Colours are on floors, walls, ceilings, furniture, work accessories, the people around us, and the landscape outside the window. Together they form a never-ending spectrum of nuances, tones and contrasts. Despite all this variety: identity is the result of a conscious selection of materials and colours, especially when it comes to furniture and spaces. Above all, colourful fabrics set vivid accents to an office landscape. In addition to pleasant basic colours, this creates optical highlights.


10 YEARS PARCS – Oxygen for the office

In 2009 a new kind of furniture was launched: PARCS inspired unconventional office layouts, breaking out from established formats and routines. Jointly developed by the London design duo PearsonLloyd, it defined a new style of office interaction – informal, inspirational and communicative. We celebrate 10 years of PARCS and revisit the background to this success story.

Architecture & Design


PIXEL Salone Milano

The Salone Internazionale del Mobile was founded in 1961 to promote Italian furniture manufacturing and exports. It soon became one of the most keenly anticipated events in the design industry calendar. This year Bene will be there too, to present the newest member of the Bene product family, PIXEL.

PIXEL might look like a box, but it can also be a table, a bench, or a stand, and so much more. It can even all of these at the same time. Come and visit us at the Salone del Mobile in Milan and get to know PIXEL.