Article by: Michael Freund


The Hub Vienna - a work ecosystem

Imagine an office where you go to be surprised; where you get to know new people or can find privacy depending on the project and your mood; in which you find kindred spirits instead of competitors, whether at a neighbouring table or digitally on the other end of the world; where you can and should work on tasks that have not (yet) been embraced by the state and other large organisations.

This is The Hub, and it is obviously not your typical office. As co-founder and CEO Matthias Reisinger puts it, it sees itself much more as an "ecosystem for peer-to-peer networks and a new and exciting way of working." It is also gaining ground in Vienna and recruits its adherents primarily from young people who no longer want to work in "normal" organisations - or who never could or wanted to do so in the first place.

Hub in the creative district

The Hub is a good example of how this can work: a place that shows people what direction the future of work is pointing in.
It is no surprise that it is located in Vienna’s creative Neubau district. A 400m² loft was built on the second floor of a typical commercial building in a large courtyard. The planners turned it into a smartly structured juxtaposition of free and precisely defined zones.