Article by: Josef Schrefel


Secret Passion - Artists and their musical desires

“If you want to enjoy a lazy day you should light up a joint and listen to this song - it goes on forever.”

Or you can pick up this book and be blown away by the different musical passions of architects and artists. This quote is from a discussion that Edek Bartz – music expert, art lover and lecturer at Vienna’s University of Applied Arts – had with Wolf D. Prix of Coop Himmelb(l)au. Prix, who has played guitar himself, talks about how he discovered rock‘n roll, and how the music of the Rolling Stones has accompanied him throughout his life.

This book documents the eponymous series of talks held at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The speakers - Urs Fischer, Markus Muntean, Daniel Richter, Christian Ludwig Attersee, Carl Michael Hausswolff, Helmut Federle, Cameron Jamie, Greg Lynn, Wolf Prix, Matthew Higgs – are among the most influential proponents of contemporary art and architecture.


brand eins, Speersort 1

The evolving office: In our conversations with current personalities, we examine the claims, clichés and ideals that circulate about our workplaces. Our guest this time is Gabriele Fischer, founder and editor-in-chief of the business magazine brand eins, who explains what the office means to her: creativity, motivation and the proper balance of tension and relaxation. E-mail interview by Josef Schrefel.

Communication—a large part of what we do—is possible almost anytime, anywhere thanks to new technologies. Given that, what significance does the physical office space still retain for you and your team at brand eins?
At brand eins, we’ve always attached great importance to attractive and well-equipped offices, not least for the respect it conveys to our staff. It’s true that our editorial staff is frequently on the road and does not work fixed hours, but in the seven or eight days when production reaches peak intensity, everyone is here in house working long and hard. Having a working environment where people like to be definitely helps make work enjoyable and promote creativity.

Is desk-sharing an issue at brand eins? I’m thinking above all of the many freelancers and the tension where digital and social networks intersect. 
Desk-sharing was our plan at the very beginning, when we were still publishing our earlier magazine Econy, but we quickly rejected it. At the time, the editorial staff and fact-checkers were still working in one room and yearned for only one thing: their own offices. In our experience, at least, the high level of concentration needed to produce a quality magazine can be better achieved with defined workstations.