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“Bene Daily: a new blog for more verve in the office place

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"Bene Daily"; starting from today Bene's new blog will give readers a daily easy-to-cook recipe for making a simple lunch or a healthy snack to quell hunger pangs in the workplace. This "Bene Lunchtime" feature will be supplemented by "Bene Fit" - simple training exercises to bring a little more movement into the office place.

It forms the focus of the working day, it's the fulcrum and hub of everyday goings-on in the office. They will help you to switch off and replenish your reserves during the stressful working day. They will help you interact with colleagues and bring a welcome change even on those days when you're "in the flow” and the work seems to get done almost automatically. What we're talking about here - you've probably guessed it already - is the midday break.

The office as a living space has well organised spaces in which workers can also relax during these breaks. There is nothing more pitiful than having lunch at the work desk (known in the parlance as a “sad desk lunch"). One element that is at least equally important to the lunch break is of course the actual food itself. Whether it be the company canteen, a sandwich, a take-out or yesterday's left-overs - the possible options are as varied as the tastes to be enjoyed.

Go to "Bene Lunchtime" right now for a daily recipe that can be quickly and easily prepared in the office place. "All taste, no trouble", that's the idea. Recipes can be found on our Facebook page or served up every day fresh to our Bene Daily Blog. Or how about subscribing for our lunchtime meal suggestions to be delivered direct to your mailbox? 

These recipes have been prepared by top chefs including the trend-setting restaurateur Marco Simonis (Bastei 10) and the Schlosswirt Waidhofen chef Andi Plappert - so good taste is guaranteed. Bon appétit!

Fit @ Work

Follow up a light lunch with getting physically active. For as even the ancient Romans and Greeks knew - a healthy body is home to a healthy mind. But still we spend most of our working day sitting at our desks, with all the undesirable side effects this brings with it.
Bene Daily brings more physical movement into the office place. 

How does it work? With a series of simple exercises that don't need much preparation but are great fun and which can also be fitted in between meetings and appointments. Former professional athlete and founder of Sputnik Sport, Lena Schmid will each day demonstrate a simple exercise that can be performed any time at the workstation. Just go to "Bene Fit".

On the dot of 3 pm short videos and written instructions for the exercise will be posted to Bene's Facebook page and the Bene Daily Blog. Why 3 pm? Well studies prove that at this time of the day we find it very difficult to concentrate and "stay on the ball". As fitness trainer Ellen Lena Schmid will show you how it's done - and it's even better if the whole team gets involved!

You can also subscribe to have your daily fitness kick delivered to you by email. Va Bene!

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