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Bene @ Living Tomorrow: Creating the future of work together

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Living Tomorrow is an impressive project, offering people a glimpse into the future of life, health, technology and economy. Thanks to a new cooperation with Bene, Living Tomorrow now also presents the future world of work.

The concept of "Living Tomorrow" is unique in the world. Located in Brussels, Living Tomorrow provides a hub for innovative enterprises where visitors can experience products and services that could vastly improve the quality of our future life, home and workplace. Thanks to a new cooperation with Bene, Living Tomorrow now also presents the future world of work. According to the philosophy of Bene, the office is a living space, with different zones and areas to support various activities like collaboration and communication; but also focused work or ideation processes. Bene offered its expertise in the field to create a working environment that is a perfect fit for the project team of Living Tomorrow. The office features modern solutions for concentrated work as well as space for meetings, teamwork and retreat.

At the heart of the office lies the Bene IDEA LAB, a space concept that encourages workshops and creativity. A key component of the Lab is the IDEA WALL, an interactive media wall that enables up to seven people to work on digital and analogue content. Illustrations by the Swedish artist Denis Eriksson, portraying the difficult path from an idea to real innovation in a humourous way, complement the design of the office.

Technology, Space and People

Bene believes that the future of work will not only be defined by technological progress, but by the interaction of technology, space and humanity. The office concepts and products want to enable people to work well within this triangle.

Bene stands for inspiring offices –  the company sees itself as not just a producer of modern furniture, but also as a company, whose goal it is to understand the working world of today and tomorrow. This is why time, energy and resources are invested into understanding the future trends and developments that influence companies, economies, and most of all people.

The solutions, products and concepts Bene offers are based on knowledge from various sources – among them clients, partners and employees, but also from professional research. In the Bene Trendreports (published in 2010 and 2014), developed with the Austrian Zukunftsinstitut (Institute for the Future) Bene tried to establish a connection between global megatrends such as globalisation, digitalisation and individualisation and contemporary office and work environments. Recently, Bene furnished the Office of the Future in Dubai – the world’s first office building to come out of a 3D printer.

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