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Our flagship store in Cologne is turning into a Pop Up Lab for Orgatec Week. Discover the importance of space in generating ideas. In line with the slogan "NO MORE BLAH BLAH", we won't just be talking about this – instead, we invite you to our 90-minute live sessions, in which you can actively participate.

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Wednesday, 26th Oct.

10:30 Uhr Graphic Facilitation – 90 mins

With the Bene IDEA WALL, Bene has developed an interactive wall module for meetings, brainstorming sessions, visual presentations, and innovation processes; in short, a system that provides a digital area for creation. For flashes of inspiration, brain-waves, and fully developed ideas. Humans learn, think, and understand visually. A visualisation session on the IDEA WALL will be provided to demonstrate simple techniques for putting forward ideas in a way that is both succinct and expressive.

16:00 Uhr Design Thinking Power Session – 90 mins

Originating primarily for the purposes of problem-solving and developing new product ideas, Design Thinking is now also increasingly being used in the areas of strategy, innovation, and company culture. Now established as a tried-and-tested approach, we aim to provide further details on the process though a power session aimed at anyone unfamiliar with the topic.
90-min practical learning session in our Pop Up Lab.



Thursday, 27th Oct.

10:30 Uhr Creative Power Session – 90 mins

Creativity is an underestimated asset in any company. Only 1 in 4 employees believes that their creative potential is being fully utilised. But what does creativity mean for your business, and how do you become more creative? It's not about BEING creative. It's about BECOMING more creative. Over the course of 90 minutes, you can become inspired and learn some tips and tricks to help you exercise and fully utilise your creative potential.

16:00 Uhr Destroy my Business – 90 mins

"Destroy your business model before it destroys you". Instead of focusing solely on existing areas of business, General Electric was already pursuing the aim of proactively responding to potential aggressors during the dot-com bubble in the late 1990s. In this age of the digital transformation, there are more aggressors than ever. Make the most of our workshop and change your perspective over the course of 90 minutes.


Friday, 28th Oct.

10:30 Uhr Trend Session – 90 mins

Products based on trends tend to be more successful than those that ignore them. Identifying and interpreting the major trends of our times – we call them the 'blockbusters of change' – is therefore vital. Discover the trends of today in this workshop and develop some potential approaches for the future.

16:00 Uhr Why and how to build a lab – 90 mins

Corporate innovation labs provide space for innovation. Innovation does not occur by chance – it can be encouraged through targeted action. We provide some insights into the design, structure, and operation of corporate innovation labs. Find out more about the key issues of lab design in relation to the areas of space, people, and processes. You can also discover for yourself how easy it is to create your own lab set-ups using the pixel series in our Pop Up Lab.


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