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Bene @ Wroclove Design Day in Wrocław

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After a successful third edition of the Wroclove Design Festival, Wroclaw was recognised as a capital of European Design and Applied Arts. At this year’s event dozens of companies presented their latest innovations and experience in the field of functional design, demonstrating the modernity and attractiveness of products that have been created for everyday use. This year’s participants included the Austrian furniture manufacturer Bene, a leading player in the European market for innovative office concepts.

The Wroclove Design Festival is an International Festival that celebrates “good pro-jects” and is a common initiative of the charitable foundation Open Mind and Running from 18th to 22nd May 2016 at Aleja Bielany, Poland’s largest shopping centre, a variety of furniture and interior design products were presented to provide an insight into the significance of design in today’s world and in accordance with the festival’s motto - FOR SALE: DESIGN.

During the event, Bene - an expert in the field of interior office space design, presented a range of work space solutions for meeting and teamwork areas as part of a special exhibition entitled ‘Austrian Design Explosion’. The exhibition, organised and supported by the Austrian Embassy, aimed to highlight how the work of designers, technologists and researchers has helped to create a better and more beautiful world, from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution right up to today’s digital age. These changes have also been applied to the office, which has transformed from a purely functional space to one that is required to support our daily work, as well as the company in its pursuit of business success.

Bene’s Director of Research and Design, Innovation and Application Development, Didi Lenz, also held a seminar on successful product development in the digital age for the festival’s ‘Design for Business’ seminar. The seminar featured Polish, German, Italian and Austrian experts and explored effective models for realising design projects, and possible cooperation models between entrepreneurs and designers.

“For more than 225 years Bene has provided customers with comprehensive solutions for the design of all interior spaces of the modern office. Our furniture is made in cooperation with the best European architects, specialising in everyday, functional design. The combination of their vision and many years of experience from Bene, leads to the creation of impressive products with high quality. However, during the creative process, we never forget that the primary purpose of our products is to improve our daily work”.- said Michael Fried, Managing Director for Sales, Marketing and Innovation at Bene. “Thanks to this approach, we perfectly fit into the idea of Wroclove Design Festival. – we show that design is not some abstract concept of art, but a part of everyday life”.