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Biophilic design: Office plants with PIXEL by Bene and K2

Nature has a great influence on our well-being; contact with nature is a basic human need. Office plants brighten up the office and have proven positive effects on our health and well-being at work.

The desire for green workplaces became apparent during the pandemic when many designed their home office spaces with plants. Young people in particular Millenials, are proclaiming themselves as "Plant Parents" and are increasingly interested in growing plants indoors. This passion to take care of plants has become a trend that is now also influencing office design.

Typically, you will find few plants in open-plan offices, unfortunately they are often rather uniform and sterile in design. Office plants create a visually stimulating working environment and encourage the creativity of employees. At the same time, they reduce the noise level in the office by absorbing excess noise and purify the air.

Spending time outdoors and in nature is important for our mental health. Greening offices is no substitute for a walk in the woods, but daily interaction with plants has been shown to help reduce stress.
Bene has found ways to integrate office plants into two of our existing design lines:

PIXEL by Bene Plant Pot

The PIXEL Plant Pot makes it easy to plant any PIXEL. The use of wood as a material for PIXEL reflects our connection to the environment and nature. All plastics used in the PIXEL range are made from post-consumer recycled material.

K2 Planter Box

The K2 Planter Box not only creates a pleasant room climate and embellishes the practical storage space, but also provides spatial separation and privacy.