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Fun instead of boredom: The Bene 2017 New Year card

The Bene New Year card is something quite special and new every year. We made a conscious decision a long time ago not to send out traditional Christmas greetings, but instead to send our customers best wishes for the new business year – with a twinkle in our eyes.
Under this motto, we have already sent cards featuring voodoo dolls, robot dogs and flying elephants. After so much creativity in the past, it gets more difficult every year to choose the theme for our card. So for 2017 we thought about what Bene stands for in 2016 and 2017 and, indeed has stood for all the way back to 1790, and came to the following conclusion:

Inspiration instead of standstill. Success instead of defeat. Fun instead of boredom.

We achieve all this not just with great products and modern designs, but most importantly through our employees and the way they look after our customers every day. So this year there are no flying elephants or sumo wrestlers representing the Bene brand, but rather these colleagues  themselves. Using the Snapchat app, individual members of our sales team, as well as the marketing, design and service teams, have taken selfies and then dressed up their images digitally. So as hedgehogs, witches and golden gods they are all beaming merrily on this year’s New Year card – looking forward to another year of excellent cooperation with you.

The card for Austria 


The Austrian sales team from our branches in Bregenz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Graz, Salzburg, Linz and Vienna is flanked here by some of the marketing team as well as some of the head office team in Waidhofen. In the centre, showing their sense of humour: Managing Directors Michael Fried and Jörg Schuschnig. Many thanks for the photos to Daniela, Thomas, Sonja, Julia, Andreas, Gernot, Jürgen, Monika, Elisabeth, Anne, Patrick, Andreas, Angela, Birgit, Carina, Dietmar, Florian, Jürgen, Markus, Martina, Raimund, Werner, Gundolf, Christian, Fritz, Jens, Markus, Birgit, Angelika, Enrico, Josef, Markus, Michael, Nicole, Stefanie, Christian, Thomas, Birgit, Gerhard, Roman, Claudia, Günther, Harald, Magdalena, Oliver, Peter, Philipp, Sabine, Ulrike, Ursula, Gerald, Julia, Kurz, Sanita, Alfred, Andrea, Bettina, Andreas, Anna, Claudia, Daniela, Diana, Elisabeth, Gernot, Julia, Thomas, Ulrike, Vanessa, Werner, Wilma!

The card for Germany

Our German team keeps the Bene flag flying at our Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin and Hamburg locations. Many thanks for the great pictures (and your excellent customer care) to Björn, Daniele, Roland, Sigrid, Axel, Thomas, Boris, Sabrina, Meron, Andrea, Nicole, Andre, Melanie, Julia, Yvonne, Anette, Alice, Kerstin, Barbara, Günther, Peter, Sibel, Wolfgang, Gerd, Gregor, Ingo, Jenny, Susanne, Sophie, Uwe-Karsten, Wolfgang, Frederike, Thomas, Isabel, Andreas, Sophie, Atila, Josefin, Maren, Victoria, Ralf, Monika, Lisa…

The international card


Bene is represented in over 40 countries in the world. Some of them are immortalised on this card. Greetings from our colleagues in Paris, Warsaw, Dubai, Australia and Zurich! And of course we must include at least some of the team based in Waidhofen, who after all form the linchpin for the whole of our international activities. Thanks to Valérie, Julia, Jürgen, Anton, Daniel, Jamie, Nick, Carmen, Mohamed, Agata, Panek, Anna, Borys, Emil, Inga, Paulina, Jean-Claude, Kasia, Mateusz, Michael, Stefan, Katja, Beril, Charles-Henri, Irène, Vanessa, Catherine, Stéphane, Marie-Astrid, Elke, Conny, Daniela, Verena, Günther, Jürgen, Martin, Franz, Sophia and everyone else for the inspiring photos!


Angelika Molk

Corporate Marketing Manager