IN FOCUS October 2019: 10 YEARS PARCS

What started out as a concept for “new ways of working” has developed over the last 10 years into a successful product range. PARCS has influenced a new style of interaction in the office, and with it the entire working environment. Rather like a park in a big city, PARCS creates collective zones between workstations, linking and inviting employees to get together. These areas make a significant difference to the quality of everyday life and interaction, giving people a chance to exchange ideas and work together.

When we were developing PARCS, the challenge was to distance ourselves from the idea that people can only be productive if they’re sitting at a desk.

Tom Lloyd, designer

In today’s office, collaborative zones are at least as important as the actual workstations. Communication is the oxygen of the modern working environment and vital to the success of a company.


When PARCS was launched in 2009 it inspired unconventional office layouts, breaking out from established formats. We take a look at the background to this success story.

PROJECT: CCC Polkowice

The new CCC Research and Development Centre in Polkowice/Poland is one of the most spectacular office projects in Poland in recent years.


At the leading design fair Maison&Objet in Paris in September, Bene introduced their latest innovative solutions for working environments of tomorrow, which allow fluid boundaries between work and leisure.

FUTURE OF WORK: Talk in Vienna

10 young people / 10 careers / 10 perspectives / 1 question: What does the working environment of tomorrow look like? Watch the video summary.


Enjoy reading and we hope you continue to stay in focus with us.

Your Bene Team