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Coffice is probably the most spectacular name that was ever invented for a Bene product. The sheer sound of this name for straight sofas and armchairs makes you almost smell the sweet scent of cappuccino. And that is exactly what it is all about. The aim is to transport the atmosphere of urban coffee bars into the office, creating a new zone for meetings and communication. Coffice, a cross-over of café and office sounds good – both for the newly designed office area and new seating furniture.

Triggering emotions

Let me start by saying this… At Bene "naming" is an in-house process. Designers and creative minds from PR, marketing, product and portfolio management come up with fitting names for new products and furniture lines during brainstorming circles.

Sometimes external communication experts are invited to participate. They all know: The name of a product determines its success – names that sound good trigger emotions and make a product more likeable.

How to come up with a name

There are myriad ways to come up with the right name: Associations with form, function or material of furniture may often serve as inspiration. AL stands for aluminium, the material that characterises the furniture line that has become a classic by now. References to car labels are intentional , A such as... Bene offers also technology-construction oriented names (such as T Platform for the new sophisticated table system), as well as references to function: M_COM Table is part of ComOffice; used for meeting and communication zones.

Names for Bene seating furniture tend to have an emotional component, because here the dividing line between the office and the more emotion-cantered living space is less clear: Rondo alludes to the curvy, inviting design of the shell seating. Or: The frame design of the 4-legged chair Kizz inspired its name, recalling a fawn in German. Along with the distorted writing, the double z, Kizz has also become an international success.

International sound

That is exactly what counts for a company that operates worldwide: Names have to be perceived as positive. They have to sound good, even in an international context – Bene makes sure to put that to the test. Before a name can be officially adopted it is important to verify whether the name is not already in use for another label or product. Or whether the name can be copyrighted.

One thing is certain though: The name of a product is part of its identity. Over time product names have undergone change, once new marketing strategies had been adopted. With increasing importance of marketing and advertising, names of furniture pieces have become more and more relevant: the names have to be emotional, not only descriptive of form and function or even – as practiced during the 19th century – simply numbers that were used instead of names in furniture catalogues. The "Swan" chair is rumoured to have been the first furniture piece that earned an imaginative name – designed in 1885 by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey, who became later an important figure of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

The Kizz chair is one of Bene’s success stories; proven by the numbers: Over the last five years 100,000 of the trendy 4-legged chairs were sold.



Désirée Schellerer

Public Relations Manager