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Light means life. This is true in nature, but light plays a central role in many religions, too. Without light people cannot live, let alone work. But to simply provide light in an office isn’t enough – because light shapes rooms, defines the look of an office and has impacts on the well-being, motivation and performance of people. Light and lighting are therefore worth a closer look.

Morning rays of sun, the subdued light of autumn, the illumination of a street by night – all of these provoke sensations and feelings in us. In exactly the same way we are affected by the lighting in an office, sometimes consciously and sometimes not. Pleasant and motivating, lighting in an office makes a key contribution to an atmosphere in which people work happily and productively.

What lighting must be able to do

Good lighting fulfils many functions: the creation of mood and atmosphere, good distribution of brightness and provision of the right degree of contrast for concentrated work over long periods of time. In addition, it should allow accurate colour reproduction and avoid glare. Of course, energy efficiency is also a consideration, as is the right mix of natural and artificial light. Ultimately, what is required is a harmonious combination of material, colour, form, proportion and light.

That might sound complicated but it is not - when you work together with the right partners.

Individual lighting solutions

As an "engineer of light", the Waldmann brand has stood for German quality and engineering of the highest standards for almost eight decades. Waldmann offers "custom-made light", to suit each task and environment, and develops lighting solutions to save energy, and, thus, protects the environment. With a combination of intelligent lighting solutions and the right components, the experts provide the right lighting for the right place – with outstanding results for the organisation.

An optimal lighting management system regulates the lighting automatically in accordance with the amount of daylight. This allows energy savings of up to 80%.

The path to the optimal lighting solution includes the analysis of the client requirements, the development of an individual strategy and the selection of the right components to provide the required effect: the right light in the right place.

Light in combination with space and architecture

In accordance to its vision, Zumtobel has been developing innovative and individual lighting solutions, which meet ergonomic and ecological requirements and provide an aesthetic benefit, for over 50 years. New working methods change spatial structures and lighting. Flexibility is required – from people, from architecture and from the lighting. With integrated solutions, Zumtobel provides lighting which allows the interaction to be experienced in all its variety.

Light in the service of mankind

"The Human Light" is the name of Artmide’s approach. For over 40 years, the company has been dedicated to combine design and technology, all aimed at the enhancement of human well-being: Light is seen as a service for human beings. Knowledge that different colours have different effects on a person’s well-being led to the development of the Metamorfosi lamp, which uses coloured light sources to create a range of distinct lighting atmospheres. A further development of this project is the MY WHITE LIGHT collection, which is able to produce the whole spectrum of white light from warm to bright to blush. Just as natural light varies over the course of the day, this light can be adapted to suit the needs of the user.

Protection from unwanted eyes and light – design in the window

The issue of light in the office involves not just the light which comes from inside, but also that from outdoors. Silent Gliss, for example, offers innovative blind solutions, aimed at customers with the highest demands in terms of design, perfection and comfort. The worlds leading manufacturer of interior blinds works closely together with architects, interior designers, dealers and specialist furnishers.
Silent Gliss takes a creative approach to new architectural trends and takes full account of the importance of design. Whether pleated or flat, vertical, roller or partition blinds, light and shadow are here made to complement each other perfectly.

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