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Lights on: LED lanterns light up the work environment

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Together with Nimbus, the pioneer and innovation leader in LED technology, Bene has developed new luminaires for the new areas of the office: Lamps. The clear and simple design of the lamps comes from the PearsonLloyd design office in London.
They may look like small lighthouses such as navigation lights or lanterns in the communication islands and work bays of the office’s urban landscape – but in all cases, the new lamps from Bene are sophisticated light dispensers. With optimum light quality they not only illuminate the work area, they also create a pleasant atmosphere, and as such ensure increased well-being for employees.

Simple and clear with an almost archetypal design, the lamps bear the unmistakable mark of PearsonLloyd, and go with PARCS and DOCKLANDS, the two most successful product ranges for communicative and temporary working from the London studio for Bene. In terms of form the luminaires remind us of modern street lights – which is not surprising when you think of how much Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd like to design urban furniture and city lighting.

The best light quality with innovative technology

Nimbus developed this new luminaire range exclusively for Bene. Innovative technology ensures that lamps provide glare-free light and the ideal light temperature. The luminaires can be intuitively operated and dimmed, using contact-free gesture control. The sensor for this is located in the base of the lamp. The light dims or brightens slowly and continuously by waving your hand 2-3 cm over the sensor.

The lamps are available in two sizes: 450 × 180 mm or 500 × 250 mm, und in two different designs: as a floor lamp or as a model mounted directly on the table top.Nimbus – an innovative company in Stuttgart

Architect Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl founded Nimbus Design GmbH in 1988. This became the Nimbus Group in 2008 and is an innovation leader in LED technology. The LED luminaires are developed, produced and sold in Stuttgart, and combine purist design with technical finesse, setting new standards both in terms of style and technology. Nimbus has implemented more than 8,000 LED projects since 2006. The spectrum ranges from furnishing apartments and medical practices to lighting architecture for entire office buildings and company headquarters, such as Unilever’s head office in Hamburg.

PearsonLloyd – an acclaimed design office in London

The PearsonLloyd studio in London is one of the most acclaimed design offices in Europe. Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd founded their studio in London in 1997 after completing their studies together at the Royal College of Art. A large number of international awards for work in furniture and product design as well as in the areas of transportation and public design confirm the success enjoyed by Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd. Their aim is to transform the office environment into a living and inspirational place: in short, a more humane one. As such they challenge the technoid aesthetics which still prevail in the work environment. Bene and PearsonLloyd have worked together in an extremely successful collaboration for many years. This started with the development of PARCS. The new lamps mean that you can now say: Shine a Light! Shine a Light on me! Or in other words: Be a shining example and place me in the limelight!

Lamps - Technical details

Light head and tube made of anodised aluminium, foil shade, acrylic glass diffusor. Base made of powder-coated steel.
Light distribution 100% with direct beam, directed downward.
Number of LEDs: 35 or 56 units
Connected load: 8 W / 230 Volt / 50 Hz
Lighting technology: integrated technology



Désirée Schellerer

Public Relations Manager

Bene Lamps

Bene Lamp

DOCKLANDS Dock-In Bay with Bene Lamp

DOCKLANDS Dock-In Bay with Bene Lamp