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„You have to catch the ideas as they arrive“: an interview with PearsonLloyd.

When designing NOOXS, the London design firm PearsonLloyd was inspired by working methods that are common in ...

AllesWirdGut Architekturbüro

“More heads mean more ideas.”

Architect Herwig Spiegl does not only believe that all will be well in the future. But that it will be better.

Asia Architecture Awards @ Bene

2A Magazine is the Middle East regional source for information regarding architecture, design, and art. This year, the ...

Work in Progress: The Architect

A generalist and a specialist. God and Ted Mosby. Architects come in all shapes and sizes. What they actually have to be ...


The demands placed on office spaces and office buildings have intensified considerably in the 21st century through the ...

Kai Stania, Hühnersteigstraße, Vienna

Designer and architect Kai Stania tells us about the office as a status symbol, the design of luxury objects and the ...

Rolling Masterplan

Office.Info May 2013


Rolling Masterplan

Responsive architecture: Better “alive” than “there for all eternity“

Heliotropic buildings, skyscrapers with vibration absorbers, walls with integrated phase selectors, dancing facades, ...

London Docklands

Office.Info November 2012



INNOCAD Architektur ZT GmbH, Grazbachgasse 65a, Graz

Vienna’s Microsoft office building and the XAL Competence Centre south of Graz are just two examples of unconventional ...

Marta Schreieck, henke und schreieck Architekten, Neubaugasse 2

The evolving office: In our conversations with contemporaries, we examine the claims, clichés and ideals that ...

Flagshipstore Bene Wien

SOLID architecture, Wiedner Hauptstrasse 108 / 5

The evolving office: In our conversations with current personalities, we examine some of the claims, clichés and ...

New in the Neutorgasse: Bene Vienna, right in the middle of it.

The Making of Architecture

This book takes a closer look behind the scenes of 20 internationally renowned architectural practices, presenting an ...

Mark Bain

The Sound of Architecture

Sounds and noises are an element of architectural design that receives little attention. The creative management of ...

Green architecture

Nature is making an impressive entry into modern office design.

Moon System

The Furnitects

More and more architects are now designing furniture. Are they ready to meet the task though? Not everyone is. Barbara ...

Is life dull and grey?Long live variety!

Modern architecture and contemporary urban design are often blamed for their supposedly grey appearance. How utterly ...

Zaha Hadid - Space as a Vision

Zaha Hadid is a star of the architectural scene, a visionary. She has recently inaugurated the central building of the ...

Personal Sapce: Grant Kanik about flexible space

Gensler are an international provider of architectural solutions.

Laurids Ortner, Architect and Designer

The erotic suspense of professionalism renders office life exciting and attractive. Similar to perfect clothes office ...

Gregor Eichinger: ‘That’s why we are working in offices.’

The architects and designers “Eichinger or Knechtl” have expanded the sphere of architecture on their quest ...