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Bene London @ Clerkenwell Design Week

For the fifth consecutive year, Bene London took part in the city’s famous Clerkenwell Design Week festival, which ...

All eyes on design: Milan 2014

The mood in Milan for the 53rd Salone Internazionale del Mobile was as bright as the sunshine. More than 355,000 ...

Lights on: LED lanterns light up the work environment

Together with Nimbus, the pioneer and innovation leader in LED technology, Bene has developed new luminaires for the new ...

Office.Info November 2013

November 2013 - Lights on!

Let there be LED!

We examine the latest trends in lighting design and show you how to put your office in the right light.

Bene Expert Talk ‘More than just a seat’

“The expert talk on the topic of ‘More than just a seat’, held on 6 June 2013 at the Vienna Bene Office and ...

Roll on - a short history of the swivel chair

We are using the product launch of RIYA as an occasion to take a closer look at the history of the swivel chair.

Patterned fabric returns to centre stage

Are you the type of person who wears stripes or do you prefer checks? Have you ever worn pepita or perhaps a more ...

London Docklands

Office.Info November 2012


Pearsonlloyd, 1-3 Yorkton St, London E2 8NH, United Kingdom

The cutting edge office: In this issue Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd of PearsonLloyd talk about their office community, ...

Office.Info September 2012

Stephan Blahut - Generalsekretär des Österreichischen Gewerbeverein, Nicole Arnitz, Hannes Offenbacher - Mehrblick

Hannes Offenbacher, Eschenbachgasse 11, Vienna

Work and lifestyle on the cutting edge: In our conversations with contemporaries, we examine the claims, clichés and ...

Office.Info July 2012

Hartmut Esslinger, Los Gatos, Silicon Valley

Work and lifestyle on the cutting edge: In our conversations with contemporaries, we examine the claims, clichés and ...

Office.Info June 2012

MADE 4 YOU - Design for Change

“How smart are the technologies of tomorrow? How will we move from place to place in the future? What will we ...

Office.Info May 2012

Longwood Gardens

Spring feelings in the office: up into the verticals

Office.Info March 2012


Office.Info February 2012


INNOCAD Architektur ZT GmbH, Grazbachgasse 65a, Graz

Vienna’s Microsoft office building and the XAL Competence Centre south of Graz are just two examples of unconventional ...

The stuff that rooms are made of

Textiles are making an appearance in offices. The era of pure, cool uniform, materials appears to be passé. Today, ...

Apple Store New York

Living Spaces: Brand worlds & flagship stores

Glitter, gloss and gloryIn our current Office.Info series, we are visiting spaces with a special identity and exploring ...

We proudly present: Showroom design made by Bene

Show what you have; show what you’re capable of. Showrooms and concept stores are exciting crystallisation points ...

50 years old and still going strong – i saloni Milano 2011

When it first opened, the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” was only supposed to serve as a platform for selling ...

Gebrüder Stitch

Jeans – the design of an icon or: to each his own

Jeans belong to everyday work life just like the office chair. Both have to fit and be comfortable. Their designs are ...

The Brightest Northern Light of Scandinavian Design: The Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

The world’s largest and most important trade fair for Scandinavian design was held in Stockholm from February 8-10. ...

Johannes Scherr Design, Schottenfeldgasse 73/4

The evolving office: In our conversations with current personalities, we examine some of the claims, clichés and ...

Kasper Salto

Normal, Active, Passive - The new stackable NAP™, designed by award-winning Danish designer Kasper Salto for ...

Designer´s Holidays

How do designers and architects spend their holidays? Do they even take holidays? Or do they use the summer for ...