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Bene products receive EU Ecolabel

The Future of Work

Pioneering concepts for the working environment of the future: As never before, rapid change is affecting every aspect ...

PIXEL by Bene

What disruptive innovation means, and what businesses can do to encourage (or combat) it

There are some words that we have heard so often now that we don’t dare ask what they actually mean. “Disruption” ...

PIXEL Salone Milano


The Salone Internazionale del Mobile was founded in 1961 to promote Italian furniture manufacturing and exports. It soon ...

Office of the Future, Dubai

Inspiration is three-dimensional: Welcome to the future.

The Office of the Future in Dubai is the first 3-D printed office worldwide. The interiors were designed by Bene.

Office of the Future

World premiere: Bene furnishes the world’s first ever 3D office in Dubai

At the invitation of the Dubai government, Bene will furnish the world’s first ever 3D-printed office building with ...

© Petra Rautenstrauch, Zotter Schokolade

„What is failure?“ An Interview with Josef Zotter.

The Styrian chocolate producer is known for his ability to use unusual creations to stand out again and again. One ...


Teamwork works

The concept of innovation is not new. However, just like the business models that are based on it, innovation is ...

Innovation is on the agenda: Festo

This German company is a global market leader in automation technology and industrial training. Festo AG & Co. KG in ...

True Economy Forum

True Economy Forum 2015

Once again we had the chance to accompany inspiring keynotes by amazing speakers live on stage with Graphic Recording on ...

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

Office Trends, Inspiration, New Working Environments, Communication, Creativity, Innovation

PARCS Toguna

Thinking like a designer

Solving problems and creating innovation are desires shared by EPUs, start-ups and companies with hundreds of employees ...


German Design Award for Bene: CUBE_S

Once more Bene’s design quality and innovation power has been endorsed with this design award. The workstation ...

Bene AG

Office.Info November 2014

November 2014: Innovation

Bene AG

The labyrinth of innovation

Innovation did not always have a positive connotation; however, innovating has always been a tough job. A small history ...

Thomas Fundneider, Markus Peschl

Thomas Fundneider, Markus Peschl, TheLivingCore and University of Vienna

We asked Thomas Fundneider and Markus Peschl, the Knowledge and Innovation Architects, some questions. In this ...

Co-Creating Tomorrow @ Bene Showroom Cologne

Join us to find out how teamwork can make your company more successful and what part office design plays in this process ...

Office.Info September 2014


Cooperation 2.0: Co-Creating Tomorrow

“None of us is as smart as all of us”, said the American entrepreneur and management teacher Kenneth ...

Co-Creating Tomorrow

Co-Creating Tomorrow: cooperation and creative collaboration enable innovation and encourage your company to grow and ...

Bene Nice Wall powered by we-inspire

A whiteboard for advanced users: An interview with Jakob Leitner

We spoke to Jakob Leitner, CEO of we-inspire, about the application options and the innovative strength of the Idea ...

Office.Info March 2014

March 2014: Hidden Champions

Innovation guaranteed

If you want to squeeze yourself into a market niche you have to remain lean and agile. And once in there you should fill ...

Lights on: LED lanterns light up the work environment

Together with Nimbus, the pioneer and innovation leader in LED technology, Bene has developed new luminaires for the new ...

Let there be LED!

We examine the latest trends in lighting design and show you how to put your office in the right light.

Is your company innovative? And if it is – do you know why?

Today more than ever, innovation is the key factor behind a company’s long-term commercial success. But what exactly ...

Nimbus Group, Stutttgart

Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, Nimbus Group, Stuttgart

We speak with the founder and managing director of the Nimbus Group about innovation, good workplaces, and the wild ...

Innovation management: The true adventures are in your head

We have consulted knowledge expert Dr. Andreas Brandner on the subject of innovation management.

Coaching: Accept being helped!

Bene has been looking into the trendy subject of “coaching” for you.