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Workplace Accessoires – the little helpers on the job

Just as in life, the little things play a role in the office which should not be underestimated. Ultimately it is often ...

Lights on: LED lanterns light up the work environment

Together with Nimbus, the pioneer and innovation leader in LED technology, Bene has developed new luminaires for the new ...

Office.Info November 2013

November 2013 - Lights on!

Let there be LED!

We examine the latest trends in lighting design and show you how to put your office in the right light.

Nimbus Group, Stutttgart

Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, Nimbus Group, Stuttgart

We speak with the founder and managing director of the Nimbus Group about innovation, good workplaces, and the wild ...

Artemide Tolomeo

Lighting and light – worth a look.

Light shapes rooms, defines the look of an office and has impacts on the well-being, motivation and performance of ...

How real is the reality of colour?

The world the brain presents in spectacular colours is in fact colourless. The term colour is only meaningful in regard ...

Light attracts colour

The desire for light and colour is one of the strongest emotional human needs. Light and colour belong together; there ...

Greetings from outer space: Urban Lighting

Skylines in Christmas glitter – every year cities and urban centres of all sizes turn into temporary light ...


How to cast light on your office

If asked how to cast the best possible light on your office, we would suggest the following ten rules for you to observe ...


You think there are more important subjects? Then let us tell you how colours influence your life.

Illuminating Icon: Tolomeo

If a design icon for illumination exists, it has to be Tolomeo.