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225 years of Bene

225 years of Bene: Happy Birthday!

Innovative concepts, inspirational offices and high-quality design – this is what distinguishes the Austrian quality ...

Roll on - a short history of the swivel chair

We are using the product launch of RIYA as an occasion to take a closer look at the history of the swivel chair.

From typewriter to coffice – several decades of office history

Manfred Bene has been around for 70 years. For 50 of those years, he has been a source of inspiration in the company. ...

Manfred Bene

Manfred Bene, Schwarzwiesenstraße 3

It is obvious that the office is an important place to someone like Manfred Bene who grew up in the family-run office ...

A question of culture.

The contribution of Bene to the development of architecture and design awareness in Austria and beyond:

Inventing the office: The bustling office

Part four of our Office.Info series on the ‘History of the Office’: Industrial manufacturing gives rise to ...

Writing table / Bureau plat

Inventing the office: Living and working in the days of the Enlightenment

In his series “Inventing the office” author Hajo Eickhoff takes a closer look at the period of the Enlightenment. ...

Inventing the office: Table, book and scriptorium

What marked the beginnings of the office? Offices play an important role in our modern world. The majority of ...

Personal Space: Manfred Bene on ”Lebensraum” (Living Space)

“R-a-u-m”: Speaking in his sonorous voice about space and its significance for people, Manfred Bene is clearly not ...

Three Cheers for Post-it!

We are celebrating the sticky note’s 25th birthday.

Laurids Ortner, Architect and Designer

The erotic suspense of professionalism renders office life exciting and attractive. Similar to perfect clothes office ...