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Longing to get back to the Office

The boundary between the home and the office has become more fluid. Against the backdrop of the current global crisis, ...

The Future of Work

Pioneering concepts for the working environment of the future: As never before, rapid change is affecting every aspect ...

Bene Living Tomorrow

Bene @ Living Tomorrow: Creating the future of work together

Living Tomorrow is an impressive project, offering people a glimpse into the future of life, health, technology and ...

Office of the Future, Dubai

Inspiration is three-dimensional: Welcome to the future.

The Office of the Future in Dubai is the first 3-D printed office worldwide. The interiors were designed by Bene.

Office of the Future

World premiere: Bene furnishes the world’s first ever 3D office in Dubai

At the invitation of the Dubai government, Bene will furnish the world’s first ever 3D-printed office building with ...

225 years of Bene

225 years of Bene: Happy Birthday!

Innovative concepts, inspirational offices and high-quality design – this is what distinguishes the Austrian quality ...


Burkhard Remmers, Wilkhahn

Work and lifestyle on the cutting edge. In discussions with contemporary figures we review the assertions, clichés and ...


Bene goes Australia: Schiavello is new dealer partner

Bene has gained a new top dealer to act as a business partner in the Australia and New Zealand region: Schiavello, the ...


German Design Award for Bene: CUBE_S

Once more Bene’s design quality and innovation power has been endorsed with this design award. The workstation ...

Bene Edition: New Work Spaces II

Bene’s new trend report on office and working environments takes a close look at the significant developments and ...

Office.Info March 2014

March 2014: Hidden Champions

Rethinking bene.com

4,967 HTML pages, 2,485 e-mails, 15,806 photos, 1,485 cups of coffee - these are just a few figures to go with the new ...

Christian Horner, Vienna – Waidhofen/Ybbs

We talked with designer Christian Horner.about the office as a public space, the importance of communication and the ...

Innovation guaranteed

If you want to squeeze yourself into a market niche you have to remain lean and agile. And once in there you should fill ...

Office.Info February 2014

Office.Info February 2014 - Start-Up!

Office.Info December 2013

December 2013: Trust

Keyword Trust: Dare to trust

Trust has become an issue in light of banking crises, NSA practices and political promises.

A Hot Spot in the Office

The lounge-like design of Toguna Circle creates lively meeting spaces to support a range of activities and ...

Is your company innovative? And if it is – do you know why?

Today more than ever, innovation is the key factor behind a company’s long-term commercial success. But what exactly ...


The demands placed on office spaces and office buildings have intensified considerably in the 21st century through the ...

Spaces 2013 – searching for a beautiful new world of work

As our lifestyles change, so too does our work: Different generational needs, the fight for top talent, a necessary ...

Paul Hastings, Shanghai

Teamwork for all!

Imagine what it would be like if all of the existing knowledge within your company could be made transparent. If the ...

Bene Expert Talk ‘More than just a seat’

“The expert talk on the topic of ‘More than just a seat’, held on 6 June 2013 at the Vienna Bene Office and ...

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Office.Info July 2013


Coworking Russian style - a visit to Moscow

Coworking spaces are no longer found just in New York, Berlin and London – in Asia, Brazil and even Addis Ababa, these ...

Office.Info June 2013

Show me what you like and I will tell you who you are

What do Facebook friends, long fingernails, oversized desks, toilets and expensive watches have in common? All of them ...

American Office Engine

The month of June is when summer starts and, of course, when the Neocon is held – the largest office furniture trade ...

Rolling Masterplan

Office.Info May 2013


Office.Info April 2013