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Office.Info February 2014

Office.Info February 2014 - Start-Up!

Big bang theory for start-ups

The starting point is clear: you have an amazing idea and hopefully a unique product, too. But what comes next? Find out ...

Johannes Knoll, Runtastic, Pasching and San Francisco

We spoke with Johannes Knoll about his work as Head of Marketing at the extremely successful Austrian start-up ...

Matthias Brandstetter

A Founder’s Era

Everyone is talking about startups. Each month a new billion-dollar deal is made in California’s Silicon Valley - what ...

Ali Mahlodji, Paulanergasse, Vienna

Ali Mahlodji, Paulanergasse, Vienna

At WHATCHADO people talk about their work. A topic that evidently lies close to the heart of its Tehran-born CEO, Ali ...

Bastian Unterberg, Prinzessinnenstraße 19, Berlin

Work and lifestyle at the cutting edge: This time we spoke with Bastian Unterberg, the founder and CEO of the ...