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Work in Progress: Jobs in the 21st century.

In the “past” everything was different and maybe things really were easier in the “olden days”. ...

Work in Progress: The Carpenter

They are and always have been profound experts and sought after craftsmen, or even celebrated artists or ...

Work in Progress: The Project Manager

Project managers are by now in demand in pretty much all sectors. Desperately in demand, one may want to add. Project ...

Office.Info July 2014: Pause

Office.Info July 2014: Pause

Work in Progress: The Intern

It seems in general that the traditional three career stages of education, work and retirement have been expanded since ...

Work in Progress: The Architect

A generalist and a specialist. God and Ted Mosby. Architects come in all shapes and sizes. What they actually have to be ...

Are you special?

Just a general question: are you special? Is what you do special? You will probably be inclined to answer this question ...