IN FOCUS June 2019: Transformation & Improvisation

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.


Albert Einstein’s quote is even more applicable now than ever before. Companies succeed in the long term if they can think ahead to the future and quickly adapt to changing conditions. Transformation and improvisation are clear competitive advantages. We would like to illustrate this with the following topics:

Project: L´Oréal, Warsaw

The new head office of L’Oréal in Warsaw is an inspiring example of how transformation can be translated into an office layout with enough room for improvisation. The vision of the world’s largest cosmetics group, “Beauty all around,” was translated by Bene Poland into a large floor space.

Product: STUDIO Workbench

The STUDIO Workbench is the assembly point for teams and encourages communication and exchanges on a high (design) level. Bene launched the new workplace system at Clerkenwell Design Week 2019 in London.

Project: Ars Electronica Center

Based on the theme “Compass – Navigating the Future”, the newly opened Ars Electronica Center in Linz used PIXEL by Bene to create an innovative lab. To celebrate its opening, the new Ars Electronica Center is presenting a programme of events over several weeks, providing a comprehensive introduction to a wide variety of new themes, projects and art education programmes. Right at the heart of it is PIXEL by Bene, used to create a visionary example of the future with innovative workplace design.

Future of Work: Co-Working & Collaboration

An interview with Davide Dattoli, CEO & founder of Talent Garden, Europe´s largest co-working network, about the challenge of finding young talents and encouraging their long-term loyalty.



IN FOCUS Februar 2019: Activity Based Working

Office.Info becomes IN FOCUS

With IN FOCUS, Bene's new regular newsletter, we focus on the most exciting topics and innovative trends to meet the challenges of the future of work. Alongside we will show you inspiring projects and keep you updated with Bene products news.

In this first edition we focus on Activity Based Working: small PIXEL boxes for big ideas, iconic design and variety are offered with the STUDIO range and a glimpse of corporate culture as brand capital in an inspiring interview.


Office.Info November 2014

Bene AG

The New: It amazes us and makes us curious. Or it causes irritation and fear. In the new edition of the Bene Office.Info, we are looking into what is the deal with the "new" and where it can lead to in the best case scenario.  We met up with Markus Peschl and Thomas Fundneider, both Knowledge and Innovation Architects. In conversation, they explain their job description, the difference between new and innovation, tell stories about spaces and methods which allow innovation, about the office as an oasis in the wilderness and so much more.

If you want to find out more about the charisma of the word "innovation", then you can find out surprising and amusing information in our "Labyrinth" article - including the root of the word. Did you know that innovation used to be mostly quite difficult? Read a short history of a big word.

Our project fits in nicely with the theme: Eric, the new Police Headquarters in Upper Austria. The innovative command centre with a Nice Wall makes the work of the officers easier in crisis situations and allows them to make the right decisions faster.

Office.Info October 2014

October 2014: Wood

Office.Info September 2014

Innovation is not a solo effort. But what does good teamwork require? What can we expect from it? And how can the office environment enhance teamwork and innovation? Find some answers to questions like these in our article “Co-Creating Tomorrow”.

“Co-Creating Tomorrow” is also the title of a series of Bene events. Join us in Cologne on October 21st, in Brussels on November 6th or in London on November 20th – mark your calendars and find out more about the events on our website!

How creative collaboration and innovation work in “real life”, this is something Ulli Ehrlich knows about. As chief designer and manager of the internationally known brand Sportalm, she designs fashion for the most famous catwalks and the riskiest skiing slopes alike. With us she spoke about sources of inspiration, daily challenges and the exciting effect of the colour white.

Office.Info July 2014: Pause

„I am unable to take a break“, says Marino Formenti, conductor and pianist , when describing his work. But then he adds: “A pause is probably the most important feature in music.” You might have guessed it already: this summer, we concentrate on the importance of pausing, of taking a break.

Read about what breaks are good for in our leading article. In there as well is a short introduction to sabbaticals and the surprising insight that taking a break is sometimes hard to do.

Just as hard to do is spending time at the office while the sun is shining. To help you out, we created the Bene Heat Management. A recipe for every temperature, fun included. Enjoy cool waters, white beaches and refreshing drinks…

Office.Info June 2014: Specialisation

Do you love your niche? Are you a specialist? Or do you think of yourself as more of a generalist, a polymath even? This Office.Info is all about specialization – what it is, and where it is leading us.

Ready for takeoff? Then let’s start with the brand-new Office.Info series “Work in Progress”, where we examine ever-changing job environments. We launch the series with a profile of the architect - a profession that comes in all shapes and sizes. Find out more about the Ted Mosby syndrome and “Il Divino” Michelangelo below.

Someone with a very special job description is Susie Wolff – the “fastest woman in the world” discovered her love for motorsport at an early age and is now a development driver for the Williams Martini Racing Team. She spoke to us about her road to success.

Office.Info May 2014

Wanted: The best of the best. People looking for jobs tend to choose companies that are attractive, well respected, responsible and employee-oriented. For their part, employers tend to pick the best “employee grapes” from the bunch: well educated, flexible, highly motivated and “reasonable” in their demands. Companies with ambitions therefore face a challenge when looking for employees that fit the corporate profile. This Office.Info takes a closer look at the core aspects of Employer Branding – straight tips and best practices included!

Dr. Karin Krobath is a co-founder of Austria’s first employer branding agency. In our interview, she explains how employees can become brand ambassadors. “You can’t just demand identification – it has to grow naturally.” Sounds intriguing? Then read on.

When speaking about new working environments, the term “Generation Y” keeps coming up. But who are they, and what do they want? We tried to profile this “new species” for you.

Office.Info April 2014

They appear in the most extraordinary places, grab everyone’s attention – and then disappear again. The “pop-up” concept is booming, no matter what industry is involved. Levin Wotke examined the concept a little closer and visited a Guerilla Bakery, a Concrete Kitchen and a very special flea market. Sounds interesting? Then keep reading!

Philosopher Robert Pfaller deals with interesting phenomena of contemporary culture as well. He spoke to us about what makes a good life and explains, why the habit of having cocktails at lunch disappeared from modern working life.

From good life to good design:  Milan invited design lovers from all over the world to the Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Find out more about the latest trends in our review and get a first glance at TIMBA, the new table by Bene and PearsonLloyd.

Office.Info March 2014

They are global market leaders (sometimes), have a lot of good ideas, are innovative, create two out of three jobs in the European private sector, and yet they remain largely unknown to the public: we are referring to the so called Hidden Champions, leading firms among small and medium-sized companies or SMEs. We take a good look at the recipe for success of those small, but effective enterprises in our leading article "Innovation guaranteed"

Prangl,  an Austrian transport technology company, is also an SME, that made it to Hollywood –  find out how in our project report.

You might have noticed it already – our trendletter has a brandnew look, just like the Bene website! Launching the new website took us 1.485 cups of coffee, 2.485 emails, 4.967 HTML Pages and numerous meetings – but the result does us proud: precise, responsive design and an Online CAD configurator are only a few of the new features, that were developed by the Viennese web-agency Liechtenecker. For us, those digital natives created an Office.Playlist with some of their favourite tracks.