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Author: Marc Augé
Publisher: C.H. Beck Press

Marc Augé is the founder of an ethnology of the ‘local’. In his book Non-places, Augé traces the global accumulation of functional spaces that are transitory and emptied of meaning, in the context of modernisation and globalisation.

These ‘non-places’, such as airports, subways, refugee camps, supermarkets and hotel chains, are not ‘anthropological places’; people are not at home in them. Instead, they are ‘places of the placeless’, and therefore to a certain extent opposites of ‘places of memory’. These spaces do not foster individual identity, have no shared past and do not create social relationships. They are signs of a collective loss of identity. ‘The space of non-places creates loneliness and uniformity’. Marc Augé’s book, well received in cultural studies, was out of print for a long time. It is again available with a new epilogue by the author.